Chirp Wheel Form & Best Practices: How to Roll Out Like a Pro

Chirp Wheel Form & Best Practices: How to Roll Out Like a Pro

If you’re new to the Chirp Wheels, sometimes you might crave something more to do with your wheels than just extending and retracting your legs. Thankfully, these awesome back-cracking wheels of wonder can be used in so many different ways, from simple back pain relief to an advanced workout. However you use your wheels, we hope that you are getting out there to Do More of what you love now that you Feel Good.

Here are a few pro tips and new stretches to try during your next roll out session for a little extra relief. 

Pro tips for balancing on the Chirp Wheel

  1. Relax. The more you relax into the wheel, the easier it will be to balance. Tensing up is the opposite of what we want to do while trying to feel better.
  2. Place your hands on the ground, your stomach, or the wheel. Using your hands to maintain balance will help a lot. Choose a spot for your hands that feels most comfortable for you. Everyone is different.
  3. Don’t move your feet. Once your feet are planted hip width apart, don’t move them. Taking steps could throw off your balance. Instead, extend and retract your legs by bending and straightening your knees. 

How to roll out: the basics

1. Lean back.

  • Sit on the ground with knees bent and feet firmly planted. 
  • Place the Chirp Wheel+ against your back in alignment with your spine. Take some time to center yourself and find balance even on the ground.
  • Lean back gently to transfer your weight to the wheel. Relax and find balance in this position before lifting your hips.

2. Lift hips.

  • Rest your hands on the ground, the wheel, or your chest for balance. Do whichever feels the most comfortable for you.
  • Lift your hips upward while relaxing your back. Find balance with your hips lifted before rolling on the wheel. 
  • Don’t tense up! The more you relax your back, the better it will feel.

3. Roll back and forth.

  • Begin to roll back and forth on the wheel by bending and straightening your legs. Use your hands for balance.
  • Just relax and hear the gentle pops, each one a quiet thank you from your spine. 
  • If one spot on your back is screaming for an extra massage, stop rolling to put pressure on that spot. Or switch to a smaller wheel.
  • Roll out for 3 to 5 minutes. Length of preferred use will vary by individual.
  • Relax your head back to avoid neck pain.

Once you feel comfortable, here are a few more stretches to try:

Deep Chest Opener

After you’ve lifted your hips, let the wheel stop and rest on your back. Reach your arms out wide like the wings of an airplane and allow them to begin to relax toward the ground. This will open your chest up for an even deeper stretch. 

Upper Back Release

To begin, at the top of your roll, stop and take a second to center yourself to maintain your balance for the next step. When you’ve found your balance, slowly reach your arms up and back in a full extension above your head as you exhale. Keep your arms straight and allow your body to sink into the wheel. You can also try this with one arm at a time. You’ll likely get a pop or two from this stretch.

Butterfly Pose

Sit on the ground and bring the wheel up to your lower back. Bring the soles of your feet together and let your knees fall outwards into a butterfly position. Hold onto the wheel as you look up and rest backwards over the wheel, allowing your body to mold to the wheel. Release your hands from the wheel and allow them to rest on the ground. Take a deep breath in, and slowly release your breath and close your eyes.

Deep Back Stretch

This pose might be challenging for some. That’s okay! As you continue to use the wheel and relax the tension in your muscles, you can help your back become more flexible. Listen to your body and do what feels right for you. To begin the stretch, start at the top of your roll. Reach your arms up and back until you can grab onto the wheel. Your elbows should be next to your ears. Stop here for a moment to find your balance.  When you’re ready, slowly roll back until your elbows touch the ground.