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Goodbye, Back Pain.

Hello, Life.

Save some serious cash when you bundle all 3 wheels.

Simply Super-Effective.

The Chirp Wheel+ is so simple to use. Each wheel is 5" wide to fit along the spine, and provides the natural pressure right where you need it.

Neck & Headaches

The Chirp Wheel+ is engineered in three different sizes to provide personalized pressure to specific muscle groups. The smaller sizes are perfect for kneading stiff necks, which can also help reduce tension headaches.

Upper Back

Get the back-popping, knot-kneading relief your upper back is craving. The 5-inch-wide Chirp Wheel+ is perfect for stable, easy rolling that massages the stressed muscles between your shoulder blades.

Why Trust Us?

You don't have to. Just read the reviews. They speak for themselves.

The 4 Way Stretch.

The Spinal Canal (groove in the center of the wheel), stretches the muscles around the spine both length and widthwise for the deepest possible stretch.

Built Strong.

The Chirp Wheel+ has an injection molded rigid core, that supports up to 500lbs.

Feel Good. Do More.

Sleep, work, or play with no pain to get in the way.


How does the Chirp Wheel+ compare to other products?

Perfect Fit:

The 5-inch width fits perfectly between your shoulder blades in order to align your spine and reach those hard-to-get knots.

Wide load:

Most foam rollers steamroll your entire back because they’re too wide to effectively target the deep muscle tissue around your spine.

Perfect Pressure:

The Chirp Wheel+ has a rigid core that supports up to 500lbs -- so relax.

Too Soft:

The large, squishy surface area of an exercise ball wastes energy engaging your entire body instead of concentrating on specific pressure points.

Money Saver:

Whether you need to prevent back pain between visits or you're taking back pain into your own hands, the CW+ costs about the same as one appointment.

Money Spender:

We’re friends with chiropractors and physical therapists. But going to see them every week for little adjustments can make your wallet hurt as much as your back.

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Frequently asked questions

What does a 100% Happy Body Guarantee mean?
If your body isn’t 100% satisfied with the product. Send it back. No questions asked.
How does the Chirp Wheel work?
The Chirp Wheel puts pressure on the muscles surrounding the spine. In doing so, the muscles are stretched and strengthened. The technical term for this is Myofascial Release. Myofascial is a fancy word for muscle, and release is referring to the tension within the muscle.
Is the Chirp Wheel the same thing as the Plexus Wheel?
Yep, exact same thing. We just changed the name. You can call it whatever you want though... It'll still get rid of your back pain.

Save money AND your back when you bundle all 3 wheels.

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Chirp Wheel+

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