Chirp Wheel+ 4” Focus

$ 29.99 $ 39.99

The new 4” Focus wheel is designed to help reduce tension headaches, target key pressure points in your neck and shoulders, and reverse tech-neck through traction and focused massage. It can also be used to target muscle knots in your back, shoulders, arms, legs and anywhere you may need focused relief. 

Key Benefits:

  • Relieves neck pain through traction and massage
  • Targets deep, tough to reach muscle knots in your back
  • Helps to reduce tension headaches
  • Targets individual vertebrae, muscle knots, or pinched nerves to really work one area
  • Easy to travel with for on-the-go relief

Chirp Wheel+ 4” Focus

$ 29.99
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How it Works

Getting back pain relief has never been so simple. Each Chirp Wheel+ is designed to fit right between your shoulder blades and features a patent pending spinal canal allowing for a comfortable massage along both sides of the spine.

How Chirp is Different

What’s the difference between the Chirp Wheel+ and the average foam roller? We’ll show you!


Roll the pain away in less than 5 minutes a day. Simply sit down, place the wheel at the small of your back, and lean back for the best at home massage you’ve ever had.

Size Matters

Different sizes, different levels of pressure. Pick from a gentle to a deep tissue massage anytime you need it.

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