10 Things You Can’t Do with a Foam Roller

10 Things You Can’t Do with a Foam Roller

Foam rollers can be really helpful after a long workout to release muscle tension and reduce soreness the day after your workout. They can even help improve flexibility and range of motion for people of all ages, which helps make working out more effective. Not to mention, foam rollers are very easy to use, you simply roll your body back and forth over the device. But what can’t they do? It turns out, if you’re using a foam roller instead of this other product, you’re missing out on even more benefits. 

Here’s a list of things foam rollers can’t do and why you should be using something else:

1. Foam rollers can’t reach the muscles between shoulder blades. Foam rolling for back pain is common because most people have muscle tension in between their shoulder blades from sitting at a desk all day, carrying a child around, or working outside. In order to reach the muscles in between your shoulder blades with a foam roller, you have to try and hunch forward as you roll out. That’s why we recommend using the Chirp Wheel+ instead. The Chirp Wheel+ is 5 inches wide and fits in between your shoulder blades, providing a 4-way stretch and making it so much easier for anyone with back pain to reach the muscles that need relief the most.

2. Foam rollers don’t stretch your back. A foam roller is only about 5 inches in diameter, which means your back doesn’t get very much of a stretch. The Chirp Wheel+ comes in three different sizes (12 inch, 10 inch, 6 inch) so you can stretch your back and get much needed back-popping relief. As you roll out on the Chirp Wheel+, your spinal discs will have more space from the stretch so you can get instant relief. Use the Gentle 12 inch wheel to get the biggest stretch.


3. Foam rollers can put unsafe pressure on your spine. Foam rollers just steamroll your whole entire back, putting unsafe pressure on your spine and other bones in your back. The Chirp Wheel+, however, is built with a patent pending Spinal Canal™ which keeps pressure off your spine and effectively targets the muscles surrounding it.

4. Most foam rollers come in one diameter size. Buying a foam roller doesn’t give you very many options. Sometimes you need a bigger stretch or a deeper massage. The Chirp Wheel+ gives you that option. It comes in three different sizes: Gentle 12 inch, Medium 10 inch, and Deep Tissue 6 inch for customizable back pain relief. Everyone is different and feels different throughout the day, which is why the wheels are the best option for back pain.


5. Foam rollers aren’t as versatile. The Chirp Wheel can be used for so many different things: use it on your calves, hamstrings, quads, and other lower body muscles to release muscle tension and reduce soreness the day after your workout. You can rest your neck on it while you lie down to reduce neck and headache pain. Use it as a posture corrector in your chair to maintain good posture throughout the day and reduce back pain. You can even travel with the wheels easily with the Chirp Wheel Case or by placing the wheels in a suitcase and nesting them with your clothes. They barely take up any room!

6. Foam rollers don’t challenge your core. You can use the Chirp Wheel during your workout to help challenge your core and then again afterwards for back pain relief! Check out this blog post for a workout idea with the Chirp Wheel.


7. A foam roller doesn’t challenge your balance. As you age, it becomes increasingly important to have good balance. Good balance can mean the difference between a tragic fall resulting in a broken hip or a nice stroll in the park. You can use the Chirp Wheel to help challenge your balance. Read this post for tips on using the Chirp Wheel for balance exercises.

8. Foam rollers don’t increase flexibility like a Chirp Wheel does. Because the wheels come in three sizes, there are more options to choose from when challenging your flexibility. Go here for some tips on using the Chirp Wheel to increase flexibility.


9. Foam rollers don’t add variety to your workout. There are so many different workout options available when you add the Chirp Wheel into your repertoire. The wheels can better improve flexibility and range of motion for people of all ages, which helps make working out more effective. If you need more work out ideas with the wheel, read this blog post.

 10. Foam rollers don’t work for back pain relief. The Chirp Wheel is the world’s simplest back pain relief. Anyone with back pain can use it. It holds up to 500 pounds and provides knot-kneading, back-popping relief. 

    While the foam roller has many benefits, there is plenty that it can’t do that the Chirp Wheel does while benefiting you in the same way a foam roller can and more.


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