Lower Back Posture Corrector

Lower Back Posture Corrector

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  • Relieves tension on the spine and hips through posture correction
  • Reeducates muscles to keep good posture
  • Stabilizes your pelvis
  • Provides lumbar support


The Lower Back Posture Corrector uses posture correction to relieve back pain and increase blood flow. When used, the lower back is supported and pulled forward using leverage from the knees. In doing so, the spine is stacked upright, and pressure on the discs from slouching is released.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the Lower Back Posture Corrector on an airplane or in a car?

Yes! On an airplane is one of the best times to use the Lower Back Posture Corrector. It even zips up and transforms into a small bag so that you can easily travel with it. However, the Lower Back Posture Corrector was not made to be used in a car.

Does it help improve abdominal strength or relax the hip flexors?

Yes. It takes all the pressure off of your hip flexors, providing you with limitless relief. The purpose of the Lower Back Posture correct is not to improve abdominal strength, but it does help train your muscles to have better posture which might improve abdominal strength. 

Can you use it while working at a computer? Does it limit motion?

One of the best places to use the Lower Back Posture Corrector is at a computer. It only limits your leg movement if you clip your legs together, which you don’t have to do. 

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