Why Every Dad Needs an Arsenal of Dad Jokes

Why Every Dad Needs an Arsenal of Dad Jokes

IMHO, Dad jokes are one of the best parts of being a dad. While helping our kiddos learn valuable life skills, always having a cheesy pun or one-liner locked and loaded to fire at any time can do so much more than you’d think to bring you closer to your kids.

At the risk of looking lame, here are my dad jokes I made up on the spot during a trip to Yellowstone National Park: (Don’t judge me!) 



We spent four days in Yellowstone looking at some of nature's most amazing treasures, but guess what the kids remember most? Yep, my bad jokes.

Clever puns or playing with phrases is a great way to expand your Child’s mind while building a creative muscle when it comes to understanding and using different kinds of language.

A brief history lesson on the dad joke:

We might not be able to trace a line back to the exact origin of the term "dad joke,” but Shakespeare used some terrible puns—here’s one from Richard III:

“ Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of York…”

He’s using “Sun” as a pun instead of “Son.” Badu-boom-ching!

The earliest known use of the term “Dad Joke” online was posted on December 10th, 2003. A thread by B3ta Forums, a member “rob” asked other members to submit "lame jokes" made by their dads. In the first 48 hours, the thread received 15 pages worth of replies. 

So what is a dad joke exactly?

Dad jokes are intentionally bad puns. But some would argue that’s what makes them awesome. Dad jokes always find a way to lighten the mood. Make us feel comfortable in situations we might be anxious, because hey, nothing can be as bad as that pun Dad just cracked. 

Michael Jensen put it best when he said: “Puns disrupt the ordinary flow of language and meaning. It's like trying to have a conversation with a cryptic crossword. Every word offers itself as a parallel universe, unforeseen by the non-punster, who is blindsided​ every time. And not necessarily happy about it, either.”

Can you stop your dad from cracking bad jokes?

While some would argue you shouldn’t even try to stop your dad from trying to be funny, others might be sick of the non-stop, pun-a-palooza that some dads engage in. If that’s you and you’re sick and tired of your dad constantly cracking bad puns, our suggestion is for this Father’s Day, why not give him something else to crack?

A 3-pack of Chirp Wheels for just $99. Your dad’s back will feel better and the only thing coming out of his mouth will be “Oooohs” and “Ahhhs.” Which for some, are better than cheesy one-liners. We’ll even throw in a free tube Chirp’s new Relieviate Muscle Cream. It has 9 essential oils to help soothe the soreness and tension after a bad pun that bombs or a good workout.

If that doesn’t help, we’re not sure anything can. But at least, it will help your dad feel better to do more stuff other than just crack dad jokes.

But you tell us, what are some jokes your dad is famous for saying?


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