How to Keep Back Pain Away While Working from Home: Good Posture Basics

How to Keep Back Pain Away While Working from Home: Good Posture Basics

Does coronavirus have you locked up in your house? Working from home (really being stuck in your home) can be a big change for your life, especially physically. During this time of quarantine, we find ourselves stuck in one place and not getting enough exercise. Because of this, it is especially important to maintain correct posture so your back doesn’t hurt from your change in routine. Here are good posture basics while working from home:

Set up an ergonomic work space

Not only should you set aside a work space for your mental sanity, but you should set one up for your body’s physical sanity as well. Sitting in your bed with your laptop isn’t the best way to keep back pain away while working from home. Instead, sit at your kitchen table or a desk. Adjust your chair height so your knees are level with your hips and your feet are flat on the ground. When you type, your wrists should be straight and your hands should be in line with your elbows or below your elbows. While working, try to keep your spine straight, your shoulders back, and your head up. If necessary, place books under your monitor so you don’t have to look down at your screen.


Change up your position

Don’t stay in one position for too long. Try standing at a taller desk to change up your positioning or take frequent breaks so your muscles don’t tense up. One great way to make it easy to maintain good posture for a long period of time is to keep your set of Chirp Wheels by your at-home desk so you can roll out whenever you’re feeling sore or tired. It is also good for your mind to take frequent breaks like these.

Headphones are your friend

If you have to talk on the phone a lot for your job and type at the same time, use your headphones or speakerphone. Using headphones will allow you to type without holding the phone awkwardly between your ear and your shoulder. 

Get a footrest

If your work chair is too high for you to work ergonomically, get a footrest so you can keep your feet flat while you work. You can also get a higher footrest like an exercise ball or the Chirp Wheel+ to place your feet up higher when you need to change your positioning. 

Get a posture reminder

Sometimes all you need to do to maintain your posture is to have a reminder. Use the Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel+ behind your back in your chair to help you maintain correct posture. You could also use one of Chirp’s posture correctors or just have the Chirp Wheels nearby to help you remember to keep your shoulders back.


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