8 Aquatic Exercises for Your Lower Back without Tools

8 Aquatic Exercises for Your Lower Back without Tools

Why getting in the pool will benefit you

The simple act of being in a pool can do wonders for your respiratory health, cardiovascular fitness, muscle balance, range of motion and flexibility, increased blood flow, ability to relax, and joint pain relief. 

How does aquatic therapy work?

Water buoyancy puts less stress on your joints and muscles giving you the ability to relax and giving you a moment of pain relief while you’re in the pool. Buoyancy also allows you to perform exercises without extra strain on your joints, increases your range of motion, and improves your flexibility. 

The hydrostatic pressure of water also adds many important benefits for your body. Hydrostatic pressure is a force on your body by the water molecules. Just being in the water will increase blood flow and improve your respiratory health and cardiovascular fitness. 

As you do these simple resistance training exercises in the pool, it will help you create muscle balance in your body, reduce your joint pain, and improve your overall health. 

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And remember to utilize your Chirp Wheel before and after a swim for the best recovery and results.

Aquatic therapy for your lower back

Walk back and forth

Walking back and forth, forwards and backwards, will help strengthen your core as you try to find your balance and push against the water. 

Side steps

Face the side of the pool, holding onto the wall for support if you need it. Step out to your left and then bring your right foot to your left and repeat. Do this both ways. 

Roman twists

Lean against the wall and hold onto the side of the pool or a railing. Bend your knees into your body. Twist from side to side. You can also do knee ups in this position by just bending and straightening your legs. 

Elbow to knee

While standing in the pool, tap your right elbow to your left knee. Do this on both sides. 

Fingers to toes 

While standing in the pool tap your right hand to your left foot (or fingers to toes). Do this on both sides. 

Step ups

Using the stairs of the pool or bringing a step into the pool, stand on the step and step down one foot at a time and then back up. Alternate sides. 

Side steps

Using the pool stairs or a stepping stool in the pool, stand on the step and step down to the side and back up. Do this on both sides. 

Bicycle Kicks

Lean against the wall and hold onto the side of the pool or a railing. Kick your legs like you’re riding a bicycle or kick with straight legs. 


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