6 Tips That Make Hiding Easter Eggs Easier on Your Back

6 Tips That Make Hiding Easter Eggs Easier on Your Back

If you have a bad back, you know that doing even the simplest things can aggravate your back pain sometimes even making you madder than a streamer about to win a game but the internet cuts out—things like turning the wheel while you’re driving, turning your head too quickly, or hiding Easter eggs for your kids. 


So because we know it’s already a struggle every day to live with back pain, we wanted to make Easter a little easier on you. So if you have egg hiding on your to-do list, here are just a few tips:



1. Let older kids help hide eggs. If you have teenage kids or even a neighborhood young, agile teen that could help you if you asked, let them help. Or on that note, if your spouse or another adult doesn’t suffer from back pain, let them help too. You don’t have to suffer with back pain through life all alone. The people around you want to help you feel better. While your loved ones are helping you, go ahead and relax on the Chirp Wheel


2. Use fake eggs. Why will fake plastic eggs make a difference for your back pain? You can just drop them on the ground rather than bending over to gently place them down. The ground is where most little kids look anyways. They’ll be happy you made the hunt easy this year so they could just get to the eating-the-candy part of the day. And don’t forget to roll out on the Chirp Wheel when you’re all done assembling your eggs. 


3. Hide with proper form. If you must hide the eggs yourself, make sure you bend correctly. Bend your knees and maintain the natural curvature of your spine as you squat down to hide an egg. After you finish hiding the eggs, roll out on the Chirp Wheel


4. Don’t dress up like the Easter bunny while you hide the eggs. The majority of you out there probably don’t do this, but we’re sure there is someone out there who needs to hear this. We don’t mind if you dress up while the kids are hunting for the eggs, but if you dress up to hide the eggs, it’s just going to be that much harder on your back. And remember, once the day is all done, the Chirp Wheel is there for your back. 


5. Don’t hunch when making the eggs. When making/assembling the eggs don’t hunch over the counter. Whether you make and color real eggs with your kids and nieces and nephews or assemble plastic eggs with prizes inside, do it safely, with your back in mind. Sit comfortably, don’t lean over the counter, and get up to move around every once in a while. And after you’ve made some beautiful eggs, (you know what I’m going to say?) get on that Chirp Wheel


6. Stretch before you hide. This might sound silly to do before hiding Easter eggs, but simple stretching can do wonders for back pain. Stretch out your lower body muscles like your calves, hips, and hamstrings. Check out this blog post if you need some ideas. And remember to roll out of the Chirp Wheel to really loosen up your back and be ready to hide those eggs and more.