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Chirp Wheel Pro ™


The Chirp Wheel Pro is a vibrating massage wheel that offers a deep massage + vibration therapy treatment to alleviate back pain and tension, improve range of motion, help you warm up better and recover faster.

  • 3 different vibration options to deeply massage trigger points and reduce back pain
  • Tractions the spine, increases blood flow, and accelerates recovery
  • 8" diameter and 5” width that fits between the shoulder blades
  • Spinal canal allows you to comfortably massage those hard to reach knots along the spine
  • 2 hour battery life for sustained use

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Yep, it was us. With three power levels, our new Chirp Wheel Pro features a high-powered rechargeable vibrating core to be your personal masseuse whenever and wherever you need it. As the Pro vibrates, it releases tight muscle knots wherever you need it.


Vibration massage therapy offers many benefits to your muscles, accelerating blood flow to heal muscles, reducing inflammation, minimizing muscle soreness and tension, and increasing muscle relaxation. 

Great for post-workout recovery.

The Chirp Wheel Pro helps accelerate your warm up and recovery by massaging the muscles in your back with deep and powerful vibrating massage, rolling out muscle knots, and tractioning your spine.

All you need is your back and your Pro.

Unlike a massage gun, you won’t need anyone else to help you reach those hard-to-reach deep muscle knots. The Chirp Wheel Pro targets any type of back pain with 3 vibration speeds helping blood flow throughout your back, promoting healing, and making you feel 100% again—faster than you or your back will believe.