You Got a Chirp Wheel for Christmas. Now What?

You Got a Chirp Wheel for Christmas. Now What?

If you experience back pain, whoever got you the Chirp Wheel for Christmas deserves something very nice as a thank you for your new pain-free life. With your back pain, you know that you have to constantly work to help relieve the pain. Movement, exercise, and eating right are all things that are going to help you with back pain relief, but the key is to take care of your back consistently. If you don’t have time to exercise or stretch as much as you would like there is a simple solution with the Chirp Wheel+. If you’re struggling with making back pain relief part of your daily routine, keep reading, and I’ll help you know the easiest, least time consuming way to work back pain relief into your life. Remember to ask your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.

In addition to doing the recommended 30 minutes of exercise each day, we recommend you incorporate the Chirp Wheel+ into your daily routine. If you don’t have time one day to exercise, it is easy to make time for the wheel. Doing all or a few of these things can help you keep back pain away

The Chirp Wheel+ is easy to travel with wherever you go. Just place your 3-Wheel Pack in the Chirp Carry Case. Simply sling it over your shoulder and take it with you wherever you need to go to get back pain relief throughout your day. Using the Chirp Wheel+ consistently will help you feel relief on those hard-to-reach muscle knots in between your shoulder blades, allowing the words “awww, ohhh” to escape your mouth.


What is the Chirp Wheel+? The Chirp Wheel+ is a back roller that stretches the muscles around your spine to relieve upper back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, and hip pain. It is shaped like a wheel so it can fit between your shoulder blades and massage deeply into the muscles around your spine. It comes in three different sizes: Gentle (12 inch), Medium (10 inch), and Deep Tissue (6 inch). The main difference between each wheel is diameter; the smallest wheel applies the most pressure, and the largest wheel applies the least amount of pressure. Click here to learn more about the Chirp Wheel+.

When you wake up: The Chirp Wheel+ is great to use right when you wake up, especially if you suffer from tight muscles caused by odd sleeping positions. Roll out on the Chirp Wheel for 3 to 5 minutes before you get in the shower and head off to start your day.

At your desk/after gardening/while taking care of your kids: Utilize the Chirp Wheel+ when you suffer from back pain during the day. Use the Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel+ at your desk as a posture corrector. Just place it in the small of your back between you and your chair as you work. If your shoulders are aching from hunching over your desk, take 2 or 3 minutes to quickly roll out your tension. You can also use the wheel after you’ve hunched over your garden, chased after your kids, or in another similar situation that has caused you back pain.

Before you work out/during your workout: Rolling on the Chirp Wheel+ before a workout can help loosen up tight muscles so you are more energized and ready for your workout. The wheels can also be great tools to use during your workout for more of a challenge or a stretch. If you’d like to challenge your balance, click here. If you’d like to challenge your flexibility, click here. If you’d like to challenge your yoga practice, click here.

After you work out: Using the Chirp Wheel+ after your workout can help you massage out your muscles through myofascial release so you aren’t as sore the next day from lifting weights or your aerobic exercises. 

Before bed: After a long day of work, exercise, parenting, and all of your other responsibilities, using the Chirp Wheel+ to help massage your back muscles and correct your posture can help you sleep through the night.