Why Doing This Will Help with Your Condition—No Matter What It Is

Why Doing This Will Help with Your Condition—No Matter What It Is

Whether you have diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, or depression, exercise can help you start to recover. This is likely something you’ve heard more times than you can count from doctors, nutritionists, and friends. Even though the people you trust the most offered you the solution to your problem, something might still be stopping you from exercise. You might find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise regularly because of age or lack of time, especially if exercise is difficult with your condition. Keep reading to find ways to make exercise easier and more enjoyable.

How can exercise help with your condition?

Exercise has many benefits, such as weight control, reducing the risk of heart disease, managing blood sugar and insulin levels, improving mental health, strengthening your bones and muscles, and the list goes on. If you’re like most people, the only problem with exercise is that you find it hard to get motivated to do it. According to the New York Post, over two in five Americans think that they are “too old” to exercise, old meaning 41 or older. Another major reason most people don’t exercise is lack of time in their day-to-day lives. 

Because of these biggest two reasons, the Chirp Wheel can help motivate you to exercise. Whether you don’t like exercising because you experience joint or back pain after (because you’re feeling too old) or you can’t find the time to exercise, using the wheel in the routine will help make your exercise routine more enjoyable and can help reduce your back pain. You can also use it as a recovery tool before or after your workout. And anyone can find a way to use it: you’re not too old! The best part about the wheel is that it doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes of your time to get something out of the wheel. 

Exercising and using the wheel has a plethora of benefits, including less back pain, more energy, more motivation, more focus, and less stress.

The Chirp Wheel also helps with self myofascial release, which has a plethora of benefits for your body. What is myofascial release? Your muscles are surrounded by fascia, which actually helps to regular your immune system. When your muscle fascia is tense or inflamed, it causes pain and other issues. Myofascial release or massage can help with muscle relaxation and tension reduction, which helps to relieve muscle pains throughout your body. It can also help release endorphins to reduce pain and relieve stress. Self myofascial release also helps to increase blood flow throughout your body, promoting oxygen flow and increasing the flow of nutrients throughout your body. As you massage your muscles, you will have increased range of motion in your joints, improved elasticity of muscles and tissues, and decreased inflammation. 

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