Let the Chirp Wheels Give You Luck: See How Other Customers Found Relief

Let the Chirp Wheels Give You Luck:  See How Other Customers Found Relief

Have you tried everything to get rid of your back pain? Exercises, stretches, chiropractor, masseuse, inversion tables, leaning over the couch, having someone pull your arms and someone else pull your feet at the same time? Yeah, we mean everything. 

Maybe you’ve even gone all out and bought a whole brand new, not to mention beautiful, bed set and yet you still didn’t find the relief you were searching for (the relief you expected to find, which is why you spent so much money on it). Countless others like you have done the same, but a million people have now found luck with the Chirp Wheel+. We think you can too. 

Why did sooooo many people finally find luck with the Chirp Wheel+?


1. The Chirp Wheel+ focuses on tension relief in the muscles surrounding the spine.

So many other foam rollers massage the wrong parts of your back, especially the harmful parts like your shoulder blades and spine. Or there are other products that don’t massage deeply enough. The Chirp Wheel+ fits in between your shoulder blades, providing a proper stretch and massage to the paraspinal muscles that your body needs. Each size wheel has what we call a spinal canal™, a small groove to fit your spine in as you roll. The spinal canal™ does three things: it relieves bad and potentially damaging pressure that could be put on the spine from other back rollers; the ridges on the top of each side of the spinal canal™ dig deeper into the lateral muscles that run up and down your spine, which provides a stretch that is horizontal and vertical to your spine; the 4-way stretch from the spinal canal™ promotes a more aligned spine. 


2. You can use the Chirp Wheels to help correct poor posture and elongate your spine, providing you with longer relief.

Rolling out on any size wheel will both elongate your spine, giving your spinal discs more freedom, and reverse damage done from poor posture. The Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel+ specifically can be used as a posture corrector while you’re sitting in a chair. It is a nice reminder throughout each day to maintain good posture. As you maintain correct posture over a long period of time, back pain caused by poor posture will slowly melt away. In the meantime, you’ll start to form a better habit of correct posture so that one day, hopefully, you won’t have to use any product to fix your back.


3. Customers swear by it.

We have so many customers, over 1 million in fact, that have found back pain relief with the Chirp Wheel+. Here are some of their most recent reviews on our amazing back relief wheel: