What Is the Difference Between the Chirp Wheel+ and an Exercise Ball?

What Is the Difference Between the Chirp Wheel+ and an Exercise Ball?

Exercise balls are amazing for many reasons: balance, exercise routines, and a bouncing good time, but they cannot replace the ingenuity of the Chirp Wheel+ for back pain relief. While an exercise ball might help with symptoms of back pain, the Chirp Wheel+ was designed specifically for back pain relief. Because the wheel features a spinal canal and comes in three sizes, it is customizable for your back pain. Keep reading to learn the main differences between an exercise ball and the Chirp Wheel+.

We designed the Chirp Wheel+ for you and your back pain.

Exercise balls are meant for a plethora of things; whereas, the Chirp Wheel+ is designed specifically for back pain relief. Many people use an exercise ball for back pain, but because the ball doesn’t put much pressure on the muscles, it doesn’t relieve as much back pain as the Chirp Wheel+ does. 

While using the exercise ball as a chair can help with proper spine alignment by forcing correct posture through balance, the Chirp Wheel+ corrects poor posture over time. Because tense muscles pull the spine back out of place after you pop your back, the Chirp Wheel+ massages the muscles next to the spine, relaxing your muscles and ensuring that the wheel corrects posture with its ergonomic shape.

The Chirp Wheel+ is built for your spine. 

The Chirp Wheel+ targets the muscles around the spine, loosening the muscles so that the spine can move and stay in proper alignment.  For the same reason massages and chiropractic adjustments go together, the wheel’s EVA compression sensitive mat and the wheel’s shape go together. The shape of the wheel acts as the chiropractor, correcting the curvature of your spine, and the EVA compression sensitive mat acts as the masseuse, loosening the muscles so the joints can go back into place and stay in place.

As you put pressure on an exercise ball, it flattens out on top from the weight of your body. However, the Chirp Wheel+ is firm, which provides an elongating effect for your spine, helping correct poor posture. The ABS plastic core is a strong support system for the spine and holds up to 500 pounds. The EVA compression sensitive mat is firm yet soft enough to feel good and includes what we call a spinal canal. Our patented spinal canal is a small groove to fit your spine in as your roll. The spinal canal does three things: 

  1. It relieves bad and potentially damaging pressure that could be put on the spine from other back rollers. 
  2. The ridges on the top of each side of the spinal canal dig deeper into the lateral muscles that run up and down your spine, which provides a stretch that is horizontal and vertical to your spine. 
  3. The 4-way stretch from the spinal canal promotes a more aligned spine. 

The Chirp Wheel+ allows you to apply the amount of pressure right for you.

Because the Chirp Wheel+ comes in three different sizes, you can pick which wheel is right for your back pain. The smallest wheel applies the most amount of pressure, and the biggest wheel applies the least amount of pressure. If you have never used any type of foam roller for myofascial release, we recommend starting off with the Gentle Chirp Wheel+ and gradually moving down to the smaller wheels. The gentle wheel will also help to elongate your spine, providing you the greatest lengthening stretch of the 3 wheels.

Instead of using an exercise ball for back pain relief, try the Chirp Wheel+, a product designed specifically for your back.


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