Top 5 Worst Halloween Costumes for Your Back

Top 5 Worst Halloween Costumes for Your Back

If you get excited to dress up for Halloween, even as an adult, you’re not alone. On a normal year (unaffected by COVID-19), 70% of Americans participate in Halloween festivities by dressing up, carving out frightening jack-o-lanterns, or throwing parties. But have you ever wondered if your Halloween festivities are causing you extra back pain? To help you Feel Good enough to trick or treat this year or party, try and avoid these top 5 worst Halloween costumes that might cause you a little extra back pain. Don’t worry, we also offer a few solutions to fix your costumes and continue to be whoever you want to be for this magical night. 

Spiderman or Black Widow. These first two are among some of the most popular choices for playing dress up on all hallows eve. Marvel makes up most of the top ten costumes for adults. But maybe you pick someone other than Spiderman or Black Widow this year. Tight clothes are restricting and if your costume is too tight, it can put pressure on your legs, hips, and lower back. This lack of mobility can leave you with back pain for longer than it’s worth. Maybe try another Marvel character that doesn’t wear tights? It might be hard though. 

Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is also listed in the top 10 most popular costumes. And don’t get us wrong. We aren’t questioning why you would want to dress up like this superhero. But she does wear heels. Wearing heels can put stress on your lower back and feet, especially if you’ll be wearing them all night. Maybe switch to a comfortable, yet stylish, boot with ample support.

A Mermaid. If you dress up like a mermaid for Halloween, chances are you’ll be wearing a very tight tail that wraps around your legs so you can barely walk. Some people even build a rock on wheels to sit on like a throne while they are pushed from place to place. Either way, immobility from a tight costume or from sitting for hours at a time causes tightness in your lower back and legs. Maybe you could get cool sequined pants and close your legs together when you’re ready to snap a photo. 

Harry Potter (or anyone with a necktie). Any character from the Harry Potter series that wears a necktie might not be the best option for your back, especially if you aren’t used to wearing ties. Wearing the necktie too tight that goes along with the Hogwarts attire can lead to less range of motion in your neck and can increase tension in your back, neck, and shoulders. If you can’t slip a few fingers between your tie and your neck, you should loosen it a bit. But don’t let a tie stop you from being Harry Potter. Just wear your tie a bit looser so you can be a part of the magic of the night.

Other costume features to avoid. If your costume involves carrying a heavy object such as a bag, machinery, or fake weapon, try and avoid those things. Carrying an object for hours on end can cause extra strain on your back, especially if you don’t lift it correctly every time. Walking like a zombie the whole night or wearing heavy jewelry can also add tension to your neck, shoulders, and back and might be something you want to try and avoid. 

Whoever you decide to be, you might experience a little extra back pain on Halloween after being on your feet for so long, even if you didn’t pick one of the worst Halloween costumes for your back. Make sure to roll out on your Chirp Wheel before and after your eventful evening so you can truly make the most of it. 


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