The Science behind a #ChirpFace

The Science behind a #ChirpFace

Studies have shown that the happiness level that a simple smile can bring to our brains is estimated as equivalent to that of having 2,000 bars of chocolate or getting $20,000 cash.

That’s crazy, right? Nah, it’s science.

Now, there are lots of things that can make us smile: a sunny day after a long rain storm, being told you’re loved by a child or a spouse, or watching a #fail video of someone doing something insanely idiotic. And those smiles unlock so much happiness in our brains. (Even if it’s a guilty smile.) 

But imagine how much happiness you’d feel if your smile is bigger and better than any other smile you’ve ever smiled?

This kind of smile is what we call your #ChirpFace.

Now, we’ll be honest, not everyone who rolls out on Chirp Wheel smiles at first. Sometimes, when you first start rolling out on Chirp, it’s more like a “hurt so good” grunt. But eventually, as the back expands and is massaged by Chirp’s uniquely awesome four-way stretch—eventually—a big ol’ smile will spread across your face.

And if smiling causes a rush of happiness, you can have that rush of endorphins and happiness every time you roll out on your Chirp Wheel.


Now imagine all the good you could do with that kind of happiness?

Would you share your smile with a stranger? Would you be more patient with that guy who took the parking spot you were waiting for...WITH YOUR BLINKER ON! Would you take more time for yourself or to love and serve others?

Add all this up and it comes down to Chirp’s promise: Feel Good. Do More.


Show us your #ChirpFace!

And right now, we’re asking people to show us their #ChirpFace. We’ll pick our favorites and send you a free tube of our new muscle cream, Relieviate. So next time you’re on your wheel, have someone snap a photo of your #ChirpFace and tag us with it on Instagram @gochirp.




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