Tell Your Story with the Chirp Wheels #GratefulForRelief

Tell Your Story with the Chirp Wheels #GratefulForRelief

Here at Chirp, we strive to empower people to Feel Good and Do More™ through simple and effective back pain relief. So far, the Chirp Wheels have helped over 500,000 people with back pain relief! During this season of thanks, we encourage you to share your experience with the wheels with #gratefulforrelief. Let’s spread the pain relief and help make the world Feel Good and Do More™. 

Steps to share your relief:

1. Take a picture of you or your family (animals included) using the wheels. Whether you use it against a wall, as posture correction in an office chair, or you bring them with you to work and roll out, take a picture!

2. Tell us why you needed back pain relief! What kind of back pain/other pain did the Chirp Wheels help you with? So many who have used the wheels have found relief from sciatica, upper back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, and more! What about you?


3. Share your picture and story on social media and tag us @gochirp. Remember to use the hashtag #gratefulforrelief. Follow #gratefulforrelief and see how many people are grateful for back pain relief this season.

    Here are just a few people who have benefited from using the Chirp Wheels and are #gratefulforrelief.