How to Recycle Your Old Foam Roller after Adopting the Chirp Wheel+

How to Recycle Your Old Foam Roller after Adopting the Chirp Wheel+

You no longer have need for your foam roller because you bought a Chirp Wheel+? Congratulations! We hope you are enjoying your Chirp Wheel+ and want to help you declutter your house of any, now unnecessary, foam rollers. And we hope you recommend the Chirp Wheel+ to your friends who are still using foam rollers. You can even recommend to them some of these ways to get rid of their old foam rollers.

Here’s how to recycle your old foam roller:

Actually recycle it.

Check to see if your old foam roller is actually recyclable. Depending on what your old foam roller is made of, you should be able to recycle it without harming the environment. Some foam rollers are made of actual foam while others are made of different types of plastics. Find your local recycling facility, and ask them if they can take your old foam roller. Try not to just throw your old foam roller in the trash because foam takes up a lot of space in landfills.

Let your kids use it as a toy.

You might be done with your old foam roller, but your kids have wild imaginations. They can use the foam roller for king of the hill battles, fighting each other to the death with their new foam roller swords. They could use the foam roller as a pillow in their treehouse to make it feel more homey. They could even use it as a stand for a balancing board. Their options are endless if their imagination is open.

Mend a broken couch with it.

We’ve all sat on a couch that sinks in the middle. The frame broke from use or from kids jumping up and down on the couch all day long. Use your old foam roller as extra padding under your couch cushions so that you don’t have extra back pain from your old couch. Who knows? Your old foam roller might be the perfect solution. 

Use it to sleep more comfortably. 

Some sleeping positions can be hard on your back. If you like to lie on your back, you can relieve some pressure from your lower back if you place a pillow or your old foam roller under your knees. Or if you like to sleep on your side, you could place your old foam roller or a pillow between your knees. Positions like these will ease back pain and may help you sleep through the night. 

Use it as a floating object in the pool.

Depending on what kind of foam roller you have, you could use it to relax and float around in the pool! It could be a great substitute for a kick board or pool noodle. Your old foam roller might not be as effective as other pool tools, but we, at Chirp, are just trying to save you some money.

Cut it up and make frisbees for your dog.

You can slice up your foam roller like a sausage and make little frisbees for your dog, who probably chews up whatever you give him/her anyways. Because you were going to throw out your old foam roller either way, it’s the perfect toy for your dog. 

Make it a cat scratcher.

Glue some carpet around it, and let your cat go to town. Cats love to scratch things. Instead of your cat scratching your couch, maybe your cat will learn to scratch this old foam roller instead, making your life 10 times better because you can save your couch.

If you can think of other uses for your old foam roller post it on social media and let us know @gochirp. Or leave your ideas in the comments below. We hope you can find a use for your old foam roller; we only want what is best for you.