How Lucy Manages Chronic Back Pain & Two Small Businesses

Back story Lucy

We hear stories all the time about awesome people who are now able to do what they love because of the Chirp Wheels. The wheels help them feel better and get back to living life without back pain. Meet Lucy Bergström, an entrepreneur, vintage t-shirt collector, and full-time dog mom of Bill (aka Beef). Lucy also has chronic back pain, but she has been able to keep doing what she loves because of the Chirp Wheel+

A little about Lucy: Lucy owns Moby Thrift and Retroflect in Provo, Utah, two small businesses she started herself. In her stores, you’ll find vintage collector’s t-shirts featuring local sports teams or bands like Fleetwood Mac and mirrors she pimped up herself with vinyl decal sayings and art. On top of managing two small businesses, she also has a full-time job at Unfortunately, Lucy also has chronic back pain. We interviewed her to find out how she manages it all. 

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Lucy Bergström and I own two small businesses and I have a full-time job at 

Why do you love what you do?

I love fashion and I love to create. And all of the jobs I do incorporate all of that. When working, I’m sitting down pretty much all day and I have struggled with chronic back pain my entire life. And sitting has made that worse over time. I’ve tried a lot of different products in the past that I just haven’t loved. I’ve tried different wheels; they were never comfortable enough for me to just be using. I kind of felt worse after I used it than before. I love the Chirp Wheel because it is really comfortable, really easy to use. And there is a perfect spot for my spine, which is what I have looked for in every wheel in the past. It is just instant relief and just being able to roll out once or twice a day and feel that relief, and being able to go back to work and feel less stressed and be less in pain, is just a game changer. 

Tell us about what inspired you to start a small business.

I think it is so important for there to be more female entrepreneurs because as someone who has started two businesses, I wanted those strong, powerful women to look up to because it is more relatable than looking up to a man who has started his own business. Because that is just so much more common, I wanted small women-owned businesses to look to inspire and be like. Because of those women that I look up to so much, I have always wanted to be there for other young women who wanted to start their own business as well. 

How is the Chirp Wheel compared to other products you’ve used in the past?

I feel like the Chirp Wheel is so beneficial because it does give you that unique stretch, and it is such an instant relief that I don’t have to be just sitting all day and hunched and so tense. I can roll out once or twice a day and feel 100% better than taking so many ibuprofen a day or just trying to find the right stretch that isn’t quite it. 

My husband and I have really bad backs. We have used other products in the past, and they’ve just always made me feel worse, they’ve just hurt my spine and didn’t really feel comfortable. I’ve just always wanted it to have more padding and an insert for my spine to roll on. And I love that the Chirp Wheel has exactly that. It is way more comfortable and easier to use. I’m way more satisfied using this one compared to other products that are just not as comfortable. 

How do you experience back pain? Do you experience it through what you do?

Working so much and having chronic back pain is hard. You would think that sitting down for most of the day is kind of a breeze but with back pain it’s tough! You have to always be standing up and walking around and stretching and finding the right position and using a heating pad and having the right chair that can get really expensive. I’m always hunched and I’m always tense because I get stressed. And so I definitely still struggle with back pain even though I’m sitting for most of the day, and it totally affects my work. And it is obviously not as enjoyable to be working so much and have this chronic back pain. I always said, ibuprofen was like candy to me because I was taking like 8 ibuprofen a day to get rid of this back pain.

Where do you usually store your Chirp Wheels?

We usually store our Chirp Wheels in every room of the house. Behind a chair or underneath our bed just because my husband and I are always wanting to roll out no matter where we are in the house. So we always try to have at least one on every level of the house. They’re everywhere.