6 Gardening Tools You Can Get for Back Pain

6 Gardening Tools You Can Get for Back Pain

People come up with the best ideas for dealing with back pain, especially gardening. Maybe it’s because most people who garden regularly are a bit older or maybe it’s because gardening causes back pain. Either way, there are a lot of tools out there to make gardening easier on your back so you don’t have to give up every one of your hobbies. Here are just a few:

1. Garden kneeler. 

A garden kneeler is a piece of garden furniture that has handles to help you kneel on the ground on a soft cushion right next to your garden. Some even have a bag attached so you can keep your gardening tools right next to you without having to bend down. And some switch from garden seat to garden kneeler in an instant, making it easy on your back to garden raised beds or beds on the ground. 

2. Standing weeder. A standing weeder is a long stick that you can poke deep into the ground (while standing), pull on the handle, and the weeder will grab the weed for you root and all. No bending down, staying hunched over in the hot sun collecting back pain any longer. 

3. Collapsible wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrows alone can help you lug heavy loads of sod or dirt from place to place to avoid back pain, but a collapsible wheelbarrow is even easier on your back. Just bring it to where you need to load weeds or dirt, collapse it to the ground, transfer your goods into the wheelbarrow and pull it back up. Simple, and easy on your back. 

4. Hose wand. 

A hose wand is a long solid hose with a shower head at the end that attaches to your hose so that you can water your plants high and low without having to reach up or bend down, making watering your garden easier on your back. 

5. Elevated garden bed and hanging plants. 


Elevating your garden beds can help you avoid having to get down on the ground to harvest your prize-winning squash. There are also ways to hang your plants so they are at eye level, at an easier place to take care of. 

6. The Chirp Wheel+.

The Chirp Wheel+ isn’t a gardening tool necessarily, but we’re sure you could use it to raise a plant a bit from the ground if you put it on the ground and put some dirt in the center. But what it is best for is stretching your back out before and after gardening to get that hunch out of your back from green back (like green thumb but a little different). 

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