4th of July Activities to Enjoy Now That You’re Back Pain Free

4th of July Activities to Enjoy Now That You’re Back Pain Free

4th of July activities may have been something you used to dread because of uncomfortable stadium seating, that crick in your neck from watching fireworks, throwing out your back at the lake (even more than it already was), or pain in every step of that 10k community run. But now that you have the Chirp Wheel, you might “Feel Good” enough to “Do More” and enjoy 4th of July activities again. 

You might even be excited, which is something you haven’t felt in a long time because your back pain was, well, holding you back. You might also be overwhelmed at the number of activities you’ve missed out on over the years and can't decide what to do first. 

Don’t worry. We’ve made a list just for you of activities that you can do now that you’re back pain free. This way, you can plan out your newfound freedom so you don’t miss out on anything ever again (that might sound dramatic, but that’s the level of happiness we want you to have). 

Note: These are common activities offered in many communities. Check out what is offered in your community to find some other great options as well.

Early morning pancake breakfasts. You might have avoided these in the past because on the off chance that your back felt okay during the night, you were not planning on getting out of bed for some pancakes. But now that your back feels great every night of sleep, you are free to wake up whenever you need to and get out there to eat some pancakes, sausage, and orange juice and socialize.

Flag raising time. Standing around waiting for the flag to come up for an hour might not have been the most comfortable for your back. But now that it feels better. You can actually enjoy yourself enough to support your community and country.

Hot air balloon lift off. Some communities launch dozens of air balloons early in the morning on the 4th. Whether you want to get in one or watch them lift off, you can now because your back is supporting you better than it ever has before.

Sitting in stadiums. Whether you’ve been dying to go to a rodeo or a concert for the 4th, now is finally your chance! Those tight seating arrangements always made your back muscles twitch, but now you know you can just roll out on your Chirp Wheels for the perfect massage before and after you go. Now you can enjoy the show! Yee-haw!

Amusement parks and carnival rides. Those bumpy carnival rides sure didn’t feel too good on your broken back. But now that you’re all better. Step right up and hop right in to have some fun. You can always bring the 6 inch wheel in a small backpack and roll out after the ride.

Parades. Now that whatever position you’re in feels comfortable again, standing and watching parades or even sitting in camp chairs on the street doesn’t sound so bad anymore. You might even volunteer to be the one to carry the chairs to and from the car.

10K runs. Marathons are such a fun thing to be a part of, especially now that you feel like your back will hold together for all 10 kilometers. 

Picnics. The old you used to think, “Picnics? Why would we want to sit on a blanket on the ground when we could just eat inside on the comfortable furniture?” The new you thinks, “Picnic? Don’t mind if I do. I’d love to get some sun, toss a ball around, and maybe even chase the kids in a game of tag.” You’re not even thinking about your back pain anymore. Isn’t it great? (Pro tip: Bring your Chirp Wheel to the picnic so you have a nice comfortable place to rest your back.)

Lake time. Swimming (a great activity for your back), wakeboarding, lake surfing (actual surfing if you live by the ocean), water skiing are all activities that are available to you now that you’re back pain free. Take your pick. The world is your oyster.

BBQ and s’mores. Have you noticed that the seating whenever there are BBQs or s’mores isn’t always ideal for someone with back pain? Of course you have. You’ll never forget trying to get comfortable on a log by the fire because of your back. But who knows? This year all those bad memories of back pain that are associated with BBQs and s’mores just might start to drift away for good.