How does the Plexus Wheel help with back pain?

The Plexus Wheel is designed the specifically help with lower and upper back pain by helping align your spine and targeting the tight lateral muscles that run up and down your back. Learn more on our Plexus Wheel page. 


What is the quality of the Plexus Wheel?

Every Plexus Wheel is forged from a rigid core that holds up to 500 lbs. The foam is then hand-wrapped around the core and we only use an odor-free, premium adhesive to keep them together. Pretty much, your Plexus Wheel is built to last a lifetime, and not breakdown over time.


Isn’t the Plexus Wheel just like a foam roller?

No, and for good reasons! First, the Plexus Wheel follows the 5” rule, which states that Plexus Wheels are to be built 5” wide, so they fit perfectly between your shoulder blades, allowing you to roll out your entire back. Second, the Plexus Wheel is designed to be bigger in diameter, spreading the surface area of your back across a larger area, allowing you to gently release your muscle tightness. Third, the Plexus Wheel does not break down over time. Fourth, visit our Plexus Wheel page to see the other 130 reasons why it is so much better! ;)


How much weight is the Plexus Wheel designed to support?

Up to 500 lbs.


Do I get wholesale pricing when I purchase a lot of wheels?

We do offer bulk discounts. Here are a few businesses that use and/or distribute Plexus Products: Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Yoga Studios, Dance Studios Pilates Studios, Crossfit & Corp. Gyms, Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers. Contact us at for more information.


Where can I learn more about how to use my Plexus Wheel?

Three great places to start learning about how to use your Plexus Wheel are: 1) The Video Gallery on our website, 2) The Plexus YouTube Channel, and 3) The Plexus Blog.


What is the Plexus Wheel made out of?

The Plexus Wheel is built with a rigid core that holds up to 500 lbs. Each wheel is individually hand-wrapped in a Compression-Sensitive Mat™, so it’s soft on your sensitive spots. An odor-free, eco-friendly adhesive binds the two materials together. It’s built simple, but strong. The Plexus Wheel Sport is designed and manufactured in the USA. The Plexus Wheel+ is designed in the USA and manufactured in Asia.


How do returns work?

Every Chirp product is backed with a 100 day trial. If you are unhappy with your order and want to return it, we will accept it for a refund, if the item is not damaged. Visit our Returns Page for more information.


Do you ship internationally?

YES! Chirp ships worldwide, every single day!  


How much is shipping for your products?

All U.S. orders over $75 ship free, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Orders under $75 ship at a flat rate of $6.95. International shipping varies according to weight and shipping address. 


How can I clean my Plexus Wheel?

Plexus Wheels can be easily cleaned by most household cleaning agents. We suggest using warm water, a dab of soap, and a towel to clean your wheel.


What are the dimensions of the Plexus Wheel? 

All of the Plexus Wheels follow the 5” rule. So, they are all 5” in width and fit perfectly between your shoulder blades. The Gentle Wheel is 12” in diameter, the Medium Wheel is 10” in diameter, and the Deep Tissue Wheel is 6” in diameter.


Why are there different sizes of Plexus Wheels?

The different sizes allow you to put different amounts of pressure on your back. The smaller the wheel, the more the pressure. The Gentle Wheel is going to gently open up your back, chest, shoulders, and hips, while the Deep Tissue Wheel is going to give you a more deep tissue massage. Get a break down of the different sizes on the Plexus Wheel page.


How much does each Plexus Wheel weigh?

Plexus Wheels are built to withstand wear and tear, and not break down over time. The rigid core is where most of the weight of the wheel is, holding up to 500 lbs. The Gentle Wheel is about 4 lbs, the Medium Wheel is about 3 lbs, and the Deep Tissue Wheel is about 1 lb.


How do Chirp products ship?

Chirp products are typically shipped USPS or FedEx We can expedite our shipment if you need it in a rush. Just select the option that works best for you at checkout.


How does the Happy Body Guarantee work?

Every Chirp product is backed with a 100% Happy Body Guarantee. We mean it when we say we have your back! If you are ever unhappy with your wheel and want to return it, we will accept it for a refund, if the item is not damaged. Visit our Returns Page for more information. You can feel confident that if you don’t love it, just send it back!


What is the life expectancy of the Plexus Wheel?

The life expectancy of a Plexus Wheel is from now, until the day of your passing. Seriously, the wheels are built to last and do not breakdown over time, that is if you take proper care of it!


What about shipping to rural areas?

Chirp has partnered with several of the largest shipping companies in the world. We should not have a problem with getting you your product. That being said, you know your location better than we do, so if you have had problems in the past, or have a concern, send us an email at before you submit your order.


Does Chirp do sales?

Yes we do! Matter of fact, if you have made it this far into our FAQs, you are probably looking for a deal yourself. Use the code SECRET5 at checkout for an extra 5% off your order. ;)

All sales deals and discount codes must have previously been submitted at checkout and will not be granted on a later date or time.