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Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain? Welcome to heaven.

The Solution to Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain is such a pain. Whether your muscles are sore from a recent injury or your range of motion has been completely compromised from working long hours hunched over your desk, it’s nothing you should have to go on living with. Find your solution in our collection of upper back pain relief products, designed to alleviate acute pain, relieve chronic soreness, and relax stiff muscles.

Relieve and Prevent

Studies show that upper back pain affects 1 in 5 men and 1 in 10 women.1 If you’re one of these unfortunate individuals, then you know exactly how disruptive this type of pain disorder can be. While lower back pain is often described as dull and deep-seated, upper back pain is sharp and impossible to ignore.

At this very moment, you may be acutely aware of a burning or pulling sensation in your upper back muscles anywhere between your neck, shoulders, and middle back. Aren’t you tired of the pain? Let’s get rid of it.

If you suffer from chronic upper back pain, you’re going to love our Upper Back Collection. Use our Trigger Point Hook to target stubborn knots all on your own. Stretch out your spinal cord as you roll over one of our fan-favorite Chirp Wheels. Prevent your back pain from resurfacing with our Upper Back Posture Corrector -- so simple and discreet that you can wear it at work!

We’ve got all of the products you need to alleviate upper back pain and prevent it from returning.

End Neck Pain

Got neck pain? Upper back pain and neck pain go hand in hand. If you struggle with a tight, knotted upper back, you probably also suffer from a sore neck and tension headaches. Check out our selection of amazing neck pain relief products to correct your spine from top to bottom.