Why Your Kids Will Benefit from Using the Chirp Wheel+

Why Your Kids Will Benefit from Using the Chirp Wheel+

Can Your Kids Use the Chirp Wheel+?

Customers often ask if it’s safe for their kids to use the Chirp Wheel+. The answer is yes! Of course, we do suggest you monitor younger kids closely as they learn to balance and as they learn how the Chirp Wheel works. Note: Always consult your doctor before you or your kids begin using a new exercise regimen. 

The Chirp Wheels can actually be very beneficial for your kids! While it’s likely that most kids don’t experience back pain, your kids can use the wheels to play, exercise, stretch, and balance. Here are some ideas on how to use the wheels for your kids. 

Note: The wheels come in three sizes, so shorter kids might feel more comfortable using a smaller size.

1. Roll out after a game. If your kids play sports or enjoy working out, they can use the wheel to release sore muscles after their workout. Have them use the wheel just like you do to relieve muscle pain and tension. Use the Gentle Chirp Wheel+ for the biggest stretch for your back or use the Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel+ for releasing muscle knots on legs and glutes. All you need to do is roll the wheel back and forth over the sore spot on your body or simply rest the wheel on the sore spot. Doing this will help you and your kids recover from pain after a workout.

2. Learn to do a backbend. The wheels can be helpful for kids who love to do gymnastics or yoga. Have them use the wheel so they can safely learn to do a backbend or do a headstand, using the wheel for support. They can also use the wheel to increase their flexibility. Place the wheel under the hamstrings when doing a seated forward bend to stretch the hamstrings. Or place the wheel under the back foot when doing the splits or a lunge, for an extra stretch.

3. Balancing act. Even littler kids can use the wheels to learn to balance. Using the wheels as a chair can be fun for kids to increase their balance and have a fun time. The wheels come in three sizes, so small kids can use whatever wheel feels most comfortable for them. If your kids are very young, you will want to monitor them while they use the wheel so that they don’t fall over. 

4. Use the wheel as a toy. Some customers have said that their kids even love rolling the wheels around the house and chasing after it. That can be a good activity for kids to release some energy. Or kids can use the wheel for imaginative play with their stuffed animals and toys. They could even train the family pet to jump through the wheel like a hoop. The possibilities are endless, use your imagination (or let your kids use theirs).