Why You’ll Want the Chirp Wheel Case

Why You’ll Want the Chirp Wheel Case

The Chirp Wheels are an amazing product for back pain relief, and they deserve to have a proper home. That’s why Chirp offers a Chirp Wheel Case, so your brand new wheels can stay brand new longer. 

What is the Chirp Wheel Case?

The Chirp Wheel Case is a bag built to store your Chirp Wheel+ 3 Pack. Storing your wheels in the Chirp Wheel Case will keep them looking brand new longer. The case also makes traveling with the wheels easier so you can have access to back pain relief wherever you go.

Benefits of the Chirp Wheel Case:

Offers a better storage solution for your wheels

With the Chirp Wheel Case, storing the wheels is easy. The Chirp Wheel Case allows you to store the wheels anywhere in your house. You can hang the bag on a hook, place it under the couch, put it in a cupboard, or just leave it out for the world to see. Any of these options work when you have the Chirp Wheel Case to go with your 3-Wheel Pack.

Makes it easy to transport the Chirp Wheels

When you store the wheels in your Chirp Wheel Case, you can easily take them with you wherever you go without having to find another bag to store them in. You can even take them on a plane or in a car or to the gym. There is also a little bit of extra space inside the bag to put your wallet, phone, and keys so you don’t even have to take a purse or a gym bag. 

Protects the wheels

Just like any new thing you get, you want to keep it looking new for as long as you can. The Chirp Wheel Case allows you to do that because it protects the wheels from dust, water, dirty hands, or the sun.  

Made with a lightweight, strong material

Just like the wheels aren’t heavy, the Chirp Wheel Case is lightweight too so that lugging the case around doesn’t need to be called “lugging.” When the case is on your shoulder, you’ll barely notice it’s there.

Features an adjustable carrying strap

Whether you like to carry your bags on your shoulder or place them around your body, you have the option with the Chirp Wheel Case. The carrying strap is adjustable to fit your needs.

Keeps the brand new product you bought brand new longer

Most importantly, with the Chirp Wheel Case, the brand new product you bought will stay brand new longer. We care about your experience with the Chirp Wheel+, which is one reason we created the case. The longer you can have back pain relief with the Chirp Wheels, the better.