Why Frankenstein Has Neck Pain

Why Frankenstein Has Neck Pain

Frankenstein has neck pain because he’s a human like the rest of us, assuming that everyone reading this is human. You probably thought I was going to be talking about Frankenstein’s monster, but I tricked you because it’s the time of year for tricks and treats. Frankenstein’s monster probably has neck pain too though, because he has bolts in his neck that look like they cause a lot of pain. Maybe his neck pain is what caused him to become a monster⁠—he couldn’t handle the real world. But what did Dr. Frankenstein do to cause himself neck pain? Could it be the stress after the creation of his monster? Could it be the physical toll creating such a terrible creature had on the body? Let’s read to find out:


Having kids makes you age faster, and creating a man-killing monster must make you age doubletime, causing degeneration in your neck. As the vertebrae and discs in the neck wear down or degenerate from age, it causes inflammation, pinched nerves, arthritis, and other pain. Poor Dr. Frankenstein with his unruly creation. 

Muscle strain: 

When Dr. Frankenstein was trying to restrain his monster, he may have overstretched or torn his shoulder muscles. Fighting a large, strong, green monster would be scary. He possibly already had tight neck muscles from looking down at his work table all day sewing and electrocuting the monster to life. All he wanted to do was advance medicine, but at what cost? At the cost of his neck . . . and more.


Frankenstein may have also had arthritis. Osteoarthritis is when your protective tissue (cartilage) at the ends of your bones and joints wears down causing pain in the hands, neck, lower back, knees, or hips. Frankenstein may have developed it from repeated stress on joints from working meticulously sewing his monster together.

Sleeping wrong: 

It’s also possible that Dr. Frankenstein was simply sleeping in odd positions. If he didn’t have the right kind of pillow to support his neck or if he slept on his stomach, he had neck pain for sure.


The stress and guilt Frankenstein faced from his monster killing his son and an innocent person being executed for the wrath of the monster must have been too much for him to bear. Stress causes muscle tension, which causes pain. Stress is sometimes the number one cause of neck pain. In Frankenstein’s case, he never had a chance to relax, so he must have had neck pain his whole life. 


It’s possible that when Frankenstein’s monster attacked Frankenstein, the doctor got whiplash. I can just imagine the monster shaking the poor doctor back and forth, the doctor’s head whipping forward and back and forward again. It’d be a bad way to go, and if you didn’t go, it would cause a lot of neck pain.

What should Dr. Frankenstein have done?

If only Dr. Frankenstein knew about Chirp’s Neck Collection and the Chirp Wheel+, he could have saved his neck.


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