What Your Size of Chirp Wheel+ Says about You

Chirp Wheel+ 3-Pack

Well, we know one thing about you. Everyone who uses a Chirp Wheel has at least one thing in common: back pain. Whether we have back pain from exercise, sports, lack of exercise, genetics, or a medical issue, we all have back pain, and we all hate that we have back pain so much so that we bought a Chirp Wheel+ to get rid of it. So what does your size of Chirp Wheel+ say about you? Let’s find out.

The Gentle Chirp Wheel+ 

The Gentle Chirp Wheel+ is a 12 inch wheel that is great for a soft massage around your spine and a deep stretch and opening effect on your chest. 

If you use the gentle wheel, you like to play it safe and start off slowly. This method of approach applies to your back pain, the way you approached the playground as a kid, and the way you approach relationships as an adult. You like to take life slowly because you’ve been hurt in the past and you’re afraid of being hurt again. You know that if you play it safe, you can’t get hurt as easily, and if you do get hurt, the pain won’t be very deep. Just because you like to play it safe doesn’t mean you’re a coward. In fact, you believe that playing it safe makes you more courageous and intelligent because you don’t cause yourself or others more pain than necessary. People who start with the gentle wheel and stay there are a little bit introverted and closed off at first because that’s just part of playing it slowly. But that makes them have longer, richer relationships and happier lives.

The Medium Chirp Wheel+

The Medium Chirp Wheel+, the 10 inch wheel, is the perfect balance between the gentle wheel and the deep tissue wheel. It provides a deeper massage than the gentle wheel and more of an elongating effect than the deep tissue wheel.

If you use the medium wheel, you struggle a little bit with self identity, but you shouldn’t because you love to go with the flow. That’s okay. If your friends want to go to the movies, you’re cool with that. If your family wants to stay home for Christmas, that’s fine. You are the nicest, most generous person. Everyone loves you and you have thousands of friends because you like to do what they like to do. But you’re also easy to talk to. You could carry on a conversation for hours, and it would only feel like minutes because you make the person you’re talking to feel valued and important. The only thing you struggle with is finding time for yourself. But you don’t mind because isn’t life about cultivating relationships anyways?

The Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel+

The Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel+, the 6 inch wheel, provides the deepest massage of the three wheels and the least stretch. It is great if you like deep massages.

If you use the deep tissue wheel, you have a sense of adventure. Living life the same way every day just isn’t enough. That’s why your back hurts so badly. You run, you jump, you fly, you dance, you travel. All that strain you put on your back calls for a deep massage, and you’re not afraid of the pain that comes with the deep wheel because you want to get up and go on another adventure. So the faster your back gets better, the faster you can get out there and experience the world. People like you also aren’t afraid of romance. They aren’t afraid to jump into a relationship because they don’t want to waste time getting to know someone when they could experience adventure with someone and get to know them along the journey. You love this about yourself because even though you go through relationships faster, you learn who you really love, and when you find that person, it lasts a lifetime because you do what you love together. And you roll out your backs together on the deep tissue wheel.

Now, to be honest, you might not fit under any of these categories. That’s also okay. I just wrote this based on the people I know who use the wheels. Really, there are an infinite number of personality types. Be happy to be yourself. Use the Chirp Wheel+ that works best for you. You deserve it. Feel good. Do more.