What Size Chirp Wheel+ Is Right for You?

By Savanna Stone

What Size Chirp Wheel+ Is Right for You?

If you’re reading this, you’re wondering what size Chirp Wheel+ is right for you. The Chirp Wheel+ comes in three different sizes, each designed with a different purpose in mind—talk about reinventing the wheel. But which size wheel is best for you . . . the 12" gentle, 10" medium, or 6" deep tissue? Here’s a guide to help:

12" Gentle Chirp Wheel+

The 12" Gentle Chirp Wheel+ is the largest. When rolling out on your back, this wheel applies a gentle pressure while targeting the muscles along the spine. This wheel elongates your spine by offering the deepest stretch through the hips, chest, back, shoulders, and abdomen.

As you roll out on this wheel and drop your head back, your shoulders will naturally drop over the wheel and your posture will improve.

The Gentle Chirp Wheel+ is best known for these pain-relief benefits:

  • Increases your back’s flexibility and core strength
  • Elongates your spine (this wheel provides the most stretch)
  • Corrects poor posture
  • Applies a gentle pressure massage and myofascial release
  • Relieves back pain by elongating your spine

10" Medium Chirp Wheel+

A little smaller than the 12" wheel, the 10" Medium Chirp Wheel+ provides a little deeper stretch than the 12" wheel. 

Like the standard 12" wheel, the medium 10" wheel will allow your shoulders to drop back and over the wheel and correct poor posture.

The Medium Chirp Wheel+ is best known for these pain-relief benefits:

  • Applies a medium pressure massage and myofascial release
  • Puts a medium amount of pressure on your muscles (between the 12" and 6" wheels)
  • Recommended for those who are shorter than 5 feet (but some people who are taller than 5 feet prefer it)
  • Relieves back pain by elongating your spine

6" Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel+

The 6" Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel+ offers the deepest massage of the three wheels. This size targets muscles all over the body. Use it to roll out the tight muscles on your back, or use it to roll out tight muscles in your lower body.

Similar to the other sizes, this wheel can also correct posture. The Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel+ is small enough to fit in the small of your back when you’re sitting down. Sitting with the wheel between you and your chair will help you sit up straight by reinforcing the natural curvature in your spine while pushing your shoulders back.

The Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel+ is best known for these pain-relief benefits:

  • Targets trigger points or myofascial muscle knots in your back
  • Can be used to massage leg muscles
  • Provides a deep tissue pressure massage
  • Relieves back pain by massaging deeply into your muscles
  • Corrects poor posture when sitting in a chair

What is the same about each size Chirp Wheel+?

All of the wheels replace foam rollers by targeting the muscles around your spine. The wheels are also easy to travel with, fitting in almost any suitcase. We also make a Chirp Wheel Case that fits all three wheels inside at once so that traveling is a breeze. 

All three wheels can easily support up to 500 lbs, so no matter your height and weight, there is a wheel that will fit you comfortably and support your every stretch. Many of our customers recommend buying the 3-wheel pack so that you alternate between wheels depending on how your back feels.

Still not sure what size to get? Get all three wheels at a discounted price for customizable back pain relief.

If you’re ready for back pain relief, order your Chirp Wheel+ today!

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