We Want to Hear Your “Back Story”

We Want to Hear Your “Back Story”

We hear stories all the time about awesome people who are now able to do what they love because of our Chirp Wheels. Our wheels help them feel better and get back to living life without back pain. Fishing with the kids, growing backyard gardens, and playing the drums in a rock band are just some examples of things real customers have been able to do because they feel renewed after using the wheels. Life is better when you can do more of what you love, right?!

If you’re nodding your head as you read this, please speak up! 

Here at Chirp, we’ve decided we want to find out more about your cool talents and  how the Chirp Wheel has helped you “Feel Good” and “Do More” through a series called Back Stories. We already think you’re awesome, but now we want to connect you with other members of the Chirp community so they can see just how awesome you are.

We want to share your back story AND your backstory. In our new blog series, we’ll be sharing submissions of some super cool people who joined the Chirp community. 

Tell us your story! What can you do now that you feel better because of Chirp?

Tag us on Instagram @gochirp to tell us what you’ve been up to now that you can move again. 

If you don’t have a Chirp Wheel yet, get a 3-Wheel Pack for only $99, then tell us your Back Story!