Using Assets as a Chirp Influencer

Using Assets as a Chirp Influencer


Banner assets are a fantastic way to promote Chirp on your social platforms and websites. Our new assets help streamline your brand and let your audience know that you are an official Chirp Influencer. Using Chirp’s banner ads on your site is also a quick and easy way to advertise to prospective customers and drive sales. We have tons of different asset sizes and dimensions to tailor to your website’s needs. 

Follow these simple steps to access and download official Chirp Influencer banners. 

1. Log on to your portal

Upon signing up to the Chirp Influencer program, you should have received a link to your very own Influencer portal. Here is where you can access your commissions and payouts. It is also where you can access our new banner assets. Click on the “Assets” tab in the left-hand menu to be taken to the banners.

2. Access asset as a png 

To access an asset as a png image, click on the banner you want to download. (File sizes and pixel dimensions are all found in the description box next to each banner.)  Next, hit the download button for a png image to be saved to your computer. You can now add the official Chirp Influencer banner to an Instagram post, Pinterest blog or YouTube video… the possibilities are endless!

3. Access asset as html script 

If you prefer using html assets for your blog or website, simply copy the html script next to the banner of your choice. Pasting the code into your site’s source page will add the banner to your browser. If the banner looks funky on your webpage, try using a different size.