The Best Products to Relieve Neck Pain

The Best Products to Relieve Neck Pain

If you have severe neck pain, you’ve probably wondered what the best products are to help relieve the pain. And if you’re like me, you hoped it was something other than over-the-counter pain medication. Well, now you can stop worrying and stop searching because we did the research for you. We read a lot of reviews online to find out what the best neck pain relief products were, and we made them better. Here’s what we found:

Chirp Wheel+

Sometimes your back pain causes other pain like neck pain. If you get rid of your back pain, your neck pain can go away too. How does that work? Well, it’s called trigger point therapy. When you relieve the source of pain, the other pain that the knot caused goes away too. That’s the beauty of the Chirp Wheel+. It massages the muscles around the spine, getting out knots and relieving back pain and other sore muscles.

Acupressure Massage Pillow & Mat Set

The neck has a lot of acupressure points. What is acupressure you ask? To understand acupressure, first understand acupuncture. Acupuncture started out as an ancient Chinese belief that disease disrupted the flow of energy or Qi  in the body. By poking certain points in the body, acupuncture stimulates the nerves in the body and releases this energy so that you feel less pain and more happiness. Western medicine today sees this energy as endorphins that are triggered to release through the pressure points throughout the body, bringing you reduced stress, less tension, a better immune system, more energy, allergy relief, and a reduced craving for cigarettes. Acupressure works the same way as acupuncture but doesn’t use needles. Even though they say that because the needles for acupuncture are so small you can barely feel them, acupressure still sounds better to me. The best part about the Acupressure Massage Pillow & Mat Set is that it puts pressure on acupressure points throughout your body and neck so that you can have that flow of energy.

Dual Pressure Neck Massager

You know when someone finally decides to give you a shoulder massage and you feel like you’re lying on the clouds and the clouds are massaging you, and it’s not someone else’s hands doing the work? But then the friend/masseuse stops and while 2 seconds felt like 20 minutes (because that’s how sore your muscles were), you find yourself wanting more. Well, that’s why the Dual Pressure Neck Massager is so good. You don’t need a friend and the massage never has to stop. The two blue silicone balls will massage you just like the cloud massage did, and you can control how much pressure you put on your muscles and where you put that pressure.

Deep Tissue Roller

The Deep Tissue Roller is much like the Dual Pressure Neck Massager because you can massage your neck by yourself. But the roller has 4 balls instead of 2, which means double the results. This massage will result in an increased ability to move your head, loosening of muscles and muscle tightness, release of stress and tension, and relief from aching. The roller also improves blood circulation, increasing your flexibility and strengthening your muscles. Using this product before or after exercising will help your neck pain go away even faster.

Hot & Cold Wrap

A lot of pain in your neck and shoulders comes from stress. That’s why the Hot & Cold Wrap might be perfect for you. Not only does it ease pain with heat therapy or cold therapy, it also relaxes your mind with aromatherapy. The lavender-infused material will help you relax, slow down, and breathe. Use the wrap for cold therapy to numb sharp pains, reduce swelling, promote healing, reduce the risk of tissue damage, relax strains, and calm pain from recent injuries. Use heat therapy to relax and soothe muscles, improve circulation, increase flexibility, help eliminate the buildup of lactic acid waste after exercise, relieve chronic and arthritic muscle pain, and warm up stiff muscles before activity. 

These products are the best of the best. And I’m not just saying that; I know from experience.