7 Remedies For Lower Back Pain Relief

7 Remedies For Lower Back Pain Relief

For the 80 percent of Americans that will suffer from back pain at some time in their lives, there are multiple ways of how to relieve that pain. Lower back pain relief can cost a lot of money. In a study, Carey and Freburger said that the estimated costs of the condition are more than $100 billion annually.

Why spend your money on treatments you are not positive will work? Lower back pain relief at home can be both efficient and effective. Because of the large percentage of people who will experience back pain, it has led to a lot of research for lower back pain relief.

One of the most common reasons for lower back pain is posture. In an article, Dr. Axe said if people have postural problems, if they aren’t sitting up straight, rolling shoulders back, or have spinal abnormalities, they are putting added pressure on the lower back. With this added pressure, you are putting strain on the spine and the muscles which will cause mild to severe lower back pain.

lower back pain relief at home


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again! A common cause of lower back pain is posture. We all need to work on our posture.

STOP slumping over the computer! Sit up tall, relax your shoulders and your body against the back of your chair. Make sure that you almost feel your entire spine and shoulder blades touching the back of the chair...always. 

2. COLD and HOT

The bag of frozen peas! This old remedy works. When you feel pain, put some sort of ice pack on the painful area for 20 minutes, several times a day. Do this for two days. Then you will need to switch to a heating pad for the same period of time.

The cold will reduce blood flow to the area and help ease any swelling in the muscles. The heat will then loosen the tight muscles and increase the blood flow allowing oxygen to come and relieve the area. 


Stay at home, save money, and save your back with the Chirp Wheel. The Chirp Wheel will allow you to deepen your stretch through the spine, correct your posture and relieve the tight muscles along the spine. The Chirp Wheel tractions the spine and helps with herniated and degenerative discs. 

The rigid core allows you to re-align your spine and put it back in its natural s-curve. The 12” diameter of the wheel offers a deep stretch through the entire spine and drops the shoulders back to correct poor posture. The 5" width of the wheel targets the muscles right along the spine relieving that tension.

Physical Therapists and Chiropractors recommend rolling out at least 5 minutes a day. The muscles around the lumbar spine will start to form muscle memory with daily stretching and ultimately relieve lower back pain.

lower back pain relief at home


Sometimes all you need a good nights rest because it’s been months since you’ve had that. Many people who suffer from back pain have a hard time sleeping. No position is comfortable. Maybe you need to try something new!

Try lying on your side and placing a pillow in between your knees to keep your spine in a neutral position. If you prefer to sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knees. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Inadequate sleep can make back pain worse. So, it is important to try and sleep better.


According to WebMD, exercise has been found to be one of the most effective ways to relieve back pain quickly. As you gently ease into the exercise routine, try walking, swimming and yoga. A review of studies in 2013 found evidence that yoga can help beat lower back pain.

These low impact exercises can help you boost the health of your internal organs, shed some pounds, and relieve lower back pain. The Chirp Wheel also offers a way to exercise, and strengthen your muscles. 


Anyone can benefit from stretching! It will increase blood flow and help with flexibility. Sometimes we don’t realize it, but our lower back pain could be coming from tight muscles somewhere else in our body.

Your whole body is connected. Can you believe it? Try stretching your hamstrings to help relieve lower back pain! Stretching will mobilize the spine and soft tissues. Stretching should be done carefully and gently at least twice per day.


Your mind is very powerful. According to Healthline, University of Manchester researchers found that people who meditate regularly find pain “less unpleasant.” Mindful meditation can help relieve pain. It will reduce the perception of pain and put you in a place of control. 

Meditation can benefit mental and physical health. In another study, meditators said they had a 40% reduction in pain intensity. Take time to stop and meditate, let your mind stop and your thoughts go blank. Stop worrying, and start meditating. 



A few other small tips to think about when relieving lower back pain. 

Watch out for the small daily movements and activities that may be hurting your back.

For example:

  • Always bend at your knees when you are picking things up off the floor (especially  heavy items.) 
  • Wear your backpack on both shoulders, not by one strap. 
  • Don't carry too much weight in your purse, backpack or bag. 
  • Use the Chirp Wheel morning and night.

You will find exercises and stretches with the Chirp Wheel on our YouTube channel, and on our website