How to Relieve Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Lower back pain during pregnancy and how to help it ; better sleep, plexus wheel, and exercise

Before we dive into helping lower back pain during pregnancy, let me introduce myself.  Hi, I’m Hannah! I work in the marketing department at Chirp and YES, I am pregnant! So, you could say that I’m a reliable candidate to write this blog (at least my fellow co-workers thought so).

Here’s a little background: I’m currently 25 weeks prego and I hear this phrase almost every single day, “You don’t even look pregnant!” And it’s true. I’m hardly popping out, even though I’m over halfway to the finish line. It’s because my sweet baby boy (IT’S A BOY!) loves to hang out close to my spine and you can only imagine the lower back pain during pregnancy I am experiencing! Let me share my personal tips and tricks on how to help it:

Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy and How to Help it - Plexus Wheel - Plexus Co.

Learn to Sleep Like a Rock

Sleeping while pregnant is a beautiful, yet painful exercise. Beautiful because you are so excited to get the rest your exhausted body needs, and painful because of the list below: 

  • Increased Bathroom visits
  • Vivid, Crazy dreams
  • Leg Cramps/Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Body aches
  • Nausea & Heartburn
  • AND...


It’s exhausting to think about but it's not unusual for pregnant women to experience back pain. My first two tips to help your lower back pain during pregnancy that have worked for me is to find the right support and sleep in the right position.

Tip #1 Sleep on Side (SOS)

Did you know that there’s a healthy way of sleeping while pregnant? According to the American Pregnancy Association the best sleep position for pregnant women is the “SOS,” or “sleep on side.” They also say that, “sleeping on your left side will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby.” Not only is it more comfortable for you, but it’s healthier for the little bean growing inside ya.

Tip #2 Support Pillow

Get the right support! No, I’m not meaning to cuddle up to your boo that you like to sleep next to, but something that you can squish around your growing body. There are some pretty amazing pregnancy pillows out there, but if you’re like me, you will simply collect all the pillows in your house and squish them around your body until you’re comfortable. This has extremely affected my lower back pain during pregnancy for the better!  

My Saving Grace: The Chirp Wheel

Ladies (or Gents -  no judging in you reading this), no joke, the Chirp Wheel has been my saving grace! No, Chirp is not paying me to say this... well, technically they are, but I would say it anyway! Even with the above tips to help my lower back pain during pregnancy as I sleep, I still wake up every morning feeling sore. This is when I immediately grab my wheel and begin to roll out my lower back. I also love rolling out at the office and before I go to bed. 

Tip #3 Chirp Wheel

Purchase a Chirp Wheel now! This tip alone has brought me more relief than anything else. I use the Standard Wheel the most for my lower back, the Medium Wheel for distressing and opening up my hips, and the Micro wheel to relieve any extra tightness I’ve felt. If you want a special deal and buy all three together, Chirp offers the Chirp Wheel +! I cannot be more serious when I say that the Chirp Wheel has been able to relieve my lower back pain when nothing else could! Especially because I didn’t want to take any medications that could potentially hurt my little nugget.

Lower back pain during pregnancy and how to help it with a plexus wheel. Lower back pain exercises at home

Tip #4 The Right Kind of Exercise

I know it may sound a little off to say that exercise can help your lower back pain during pregnancy, but it really does. Spine Health says it best, “Although it may seem enticing to rest when experiencing pain and not undertake an exercise routine, gentle stretching and movement will often decrease muscle spasm and restore improved spinal function, resulting in decreased pain.” They also suggest doing any cardiovascular exercise, like biking, walking and swimming. Days that I feel absolutely exhausted I try to at least go on a 10 minute walk. Without fail my lower back pain during pregnancy begins to feel better. 

This is one of the most exciting times in your life! Can you believe that you have a living person growing inside of you?? I find it hard to fathom most of the time. Take care of yourself and your baby by helping your lower back pain during pregnancy! If you follow my special tips and tricks above, I promise your back will start feeling better! Take it from someone who knows :)