Keep Your Joints Jubilant with These 9 Picnic Activities

Keep Your Joints Jubilant with These 9 Picnic Activities

If you’re on a picnic, you likely got out of the house to do something other than sit on a blanket: watch fireworks, surf, bike, play fetch with your dog, etc. It’s also possible you’ve been avoiding the idea of a picnic because you don’t know what you can do that isn’t going to hurt your joints. Either way, here are some ideas on how to enjoy your picnic activities—pain free. Find a balance in your activities between mobility and rest. 

Roll out on the Chirp Wheel+. Bringing the wheel along will give you something to do while you enjoy the sun outside. Not to mention, it’s one of the best things you can do for your back pain

Go for a walk. Walking is easy on all your joints. And one of the benefits of walking is that you don’t need any supplies. Wherever you decide to go on a picnic, there is always a place to walk around and enjoy nature. Low impact mobility, like walking, is also great for your back and joints. 

Play cards. Bring a card table and camping chairs and play a nice game of cards. The table and chairs will help your back feel great and the cards will keep your mind at ease, unless you’re losing money to your friends at poker. 

Play fetch. Doing whatever you can do so you don’t have to get up and down off the ground a lot will help your knees and back feel better. Playing fetch with your dog is a good, simple activity to do outside.

Throw a frisbee. I suppose throwing a frisbee could be for your dog too, but I was thinking more human-to-human contact. A lot of parks have frisbee golf or you could play a light game of ultimate frisbee. 

Go swimming. If your picnic is by a pool or beach, swimming is a great activity for your joints. It challenges you physically without putting extra weight on your joints. Read this blog to learn more about why swimming is so good for back pain and joint pain.

Bike around the park. Going for a light bike ride is a great way to get weight off your feet and knees. Although some people experience back pain or knee pain from riding a bike, there are ways to avoid that pain. Read this blog post to learn more about cycling without back pain.

Yoga in the sun. The outdoors are a great place to practice yoga because yoga is a mind and body experience, and being with nature can help you focus and clear your mind. Meditation or a simple yoga practice can help your joints feel stretched and refreshed. You can also challenge yourself as you become a more advanced yogi. Try using the Chirp Wheel+ to assist you in your yoga practice by reading this blog post.

People watch. Watching strangers or your family and friends is an easy activity for when your joints need a break, and it can be quite entertaining. It’s likely that you catch someone doing something that gives you a laugh, and you can look away in time so they’ll never know you know their secret. 


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