How You’re Already in the Best Relationship You’ve Ever Had

How You’re Already in the Best Relationship You’ve Ever Had

Your back has a very important relationship with your Chirp Wheel. They’ve been through a lot together. We’ve been thinking about it, and we made a list of ways of how your relationship with your Chirp Wheel is the best relationship you could ever have: 


1. Your Chirp Wheel LOVES to massage your back. It will massage your back no matter what, whenever you want, as long and hard as you want, never complaining. And you’ll never have to return the favor.

2. Let’s talk about quality time. The Chirp Wheel loves spending as much time with you as you want, never asking for time alone, unless you need it of course. 

3. The Chirp Wheel is not high maintenance. Not at all. You know exactly what to buy for it. You never have to guess what model of the newest whatever it wants or hear any passive aggressive comments like “They have this really cool thing. But I wish you loved me enough to also buy me that other really cool thing.” All your wheel will ever need is a Chirp Wheel Case.

4. Your Chirp Wheel is always up for any adventure. Want to travel? Your wheel will go with you, take up barely any space, and make you feel great wherever you go. And if you prefer to go on your adventures alone, it won’t make you feel bad for not taking it. It will be there when you get back waiting to massage your back. (See #1)

5. The Chirp Wheel never judges. Gain 10 pounds or even 60. The Chirp Wheel will still support you, love you, and help you with your back pain

6. Your Chirp Wheel is happy when you’re happy. When you roll out after a long day at work, bad night’s sleep, or after a workout, nothing makes your Chirp Wheel happier than to hear all your pops, cracks, and all those OH-OH-OH YEAHs! 

Your Chirp Wheel has supported you after years of poor posture, slowly transforming you into a completely different person—a person free of back pain. And all it asks in return is that you take care of it by doing two things:

1. Keep it clean. Depending on where you’ve been spending quality time with your wheel, on your carpet or in the grass, it might appreciate a simple wash with a disinfectant wipe or a deeper wash with a soapy, wet rag and then a nice pat dry. Whichever wash you choose, trust us, your wheel will appreciate it. 

2. Express your feelings frequently. Treating your wheel how you would treat anyone in a long-term relationship (with love, respect, kindness, patience, and trust) includes telling it how much it means to you. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not actually telling you to talk to your wheel. That would make you look crazy. And nobody wants that. But, you can talk to Chirp by posting on social media @gochirp or by telling all of us at Chirp what a great job we did creating your wheel. Or let us know how great your relationship is by writing a review at

That’s it. Easy peasy. It’s a little ask for something that does so much. But hey, if you don’t, we’re not going to judge you. But your wheel might. (It probably will.)

If you don’t have a Chirp Wheel . . . 

Go ahead and get one. Don’t be shy. It won’t let you down.