How to Use the Cold Therapy Socks

How to Use the Cold Therapy Socks

Foot pain is caused by inflammation, standing or walking for long periods of time, plantar fasciitis, surgery, and many other conditions. With each thing that causes your feet pain, there should be 1000 things that don’t. That’s why we want to help. The Cold Therapy Socks reduce inflammation and swelling by chilling the entire foot with a full-length cold gel pack beneath your foot and a half-size pack behind your heel. Escape from sore, hot, tired, achy feet. Escape from plantar fasciitis, arthritis, arch pain, inflammation, acute and chronic pain, muscle strains and sprains, poor circulation, and swelling. Just Escape. Put on these socks and enter a new world—a world free of pain. Here’s how cold therapy can help reduce foot pain:

What is Cold Therapy?

Cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, works by reducing blood flow to a certain area of the body (in this case, your feet), reducing inflammation or swelling from a condition or injury that has caused you pain. When you remove the cold from the affected area of your body, blood flow increases to the injured area, which promotes healing. Cold therapy also numbs pain by reducing nerve activity. This is why it is common to use cold therapy after injuries. 

Benefits of the Cold Therapy Socks:

  • Reduces inflammation after a long day of standing by restricting blood flow
  • Improves circulation by promoting healing when the cold is removed
  • Provides pain relief by soothing injured muscles, joints, and tissues
  • Recharges your feet for faster recovery by numbing sharp pain

How do the Cold Therapy Socks reduce foot pain?

The Cold Therapy Socks are a great way to apply cold therapy. Putting ice directly on your skin can damage your skin; that’s why the Cold Therapy Socks come with a thin layer of fabric to protect your skin from the direct cold. Applying cold to your aching feet will help numb pain by reducing nerve activity, reduce inflammation by slowing blood flow, and promote healing by increasing blood flow when the cold is removed. 

How do you use the Cold Therapy Socks? How long should you wear them?

Foot and ankle injuries and pain can benefit from cold therapy. One of the best ways to use the Cold Therapy Socks is with rest, ice, compression, and elevation (R.I.C.E). Whether you have foot pain from an injury or from walking too much, using the R.I.C.E. method can help relieve your foot pain

We recommend wearing the Cold Therapy Socks for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Applying cold therapy for too long can cause ice burn or other issues, but applying it for a short amount of time can have tremendous benefits. 

Are there any conditions in which you shouldn’t wear the Cold Therapy Socks?

With any new exercise regimen, consult your doctor before use. We recommend talking to your doctor if you are diabetic or if you have high blood pressure before you use the Cold Therapy Socks.

With cold therapy in general, you should stop applying cold if you experience decreased sensation, have high blood pressure, are prone to heart problems, have an open wound, have Raynaud’s disease, or are considered the elderly or a young child. 

Can you wash the Cold Therapy Socks?

Yes! To wash the socks, remove the gel packs. Hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Drip dry.


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