How to Safely Roll out with the Chirp Wheel Wherever You Are

How to Safely Roll out with the Chirp Wheel Wherever You Are

Chirp values your safety and your pain relief. Because we want to make sure you’re being safe out there on the Chirp Wheels, we tried rolling out in as many different places as we could. There are some places that are great for rolling out and others where you might want to think again before you try rolling out there. Here are some tips for you when you’re rolling out—because we know you want to take the wheels with you wherever you go. 

Places that are a great choice

Yoga mat. This is Chirp’s recommended method of rolling out. A yoga mat provides grip and stability that other surfaces do not. You can easily bring the wheels and a yoga mat with you wherever you go so that you can roll outside, at work, at home, or in the office safely. Plus, if you like taking selfies, a yoga mat can make for a great backdrop. 

Carpet. In a poll taken on our social media account, carpet was actually the number one choice for Chirpers to roll out on. It provides a bit of a cushion for the wheel, so it seems like you’re rolling on a cloud. No complaints here. 

Nature. Rolling out outdoors is a great option for relaxation and relief. Just make sure you bring a yoga mat with you and pick a flat, dry, non-slip surface. 

Any place without distractions. Use the wheels as an excuse to get away from your distractions for 5 to 10 minutes and completely relax free of work, kids, spouses, and any other worries on your mind. Pick a quiet room in your house and breathe deeply so you can hear your back pop into place and your worries and muscle tension melt away. 

Pavement. Pavement is a great choice to roll out on. Just hope ants aren’t crawling all over you when you’re done. 

Places that are okay 

Grass. Pick a flat area, preferably not bumpy. Hills are definitely a challenge and wet grass is a mistake. Make sure you pick a sunny, flat spot to maintain your balance and avoid any grass stains. 

Hardwood floor or tile. The cushioning of the wheel grips hardwood and tile nicely, just make sure you’re wearing shoes or no socks because you don’t want your feet slipping around as you roll out. 

Places that aren’t a good choice

Snow. We don’t recommend rolling out in the snow. Any icy, slippery surface could be dangerous to roll out on. And in the snow, you’re likely to get cold very fast. 

A bed. The wheel sinks into a bed a bit too much and interferes with your pain relief. Just go ahead and roll on the floor and use the bed to get the best night’s sleep because you’re so relaxed after using the wheels.