How to Roll Out on the Wall

How to Roll Out on the Wall

Aaargh. Auugh! Yeow! Does this sound like you when you’re trying to get down on the floor (or back up) to roll out? 

If the answer is yes, you might want to try rolling out on the wall. 

Rolling out of the wall can be a great alternative to rolling out on the ground if you make sounds of pain that should never have to escape anyone’s mouth. It is also great for those who prefer a softer massage, even softer than the Gentle Chirp Wheel can offer when rolling out on the ground. Rolling out on the wall provides a 4th pressure option (the least amount of pressure) for those that prefer a super gentle massage. 

So how do you roll out on the wall? It might seem self-explanatory, but then when you go to do it, you feel a bit silly. And you might find yourself wondering, “Am I doing this right?” 

Don’t worry. That’s why we wrote this for you. 

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to roll out on the wall.

How to roll out on the wall

1. Grab the Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel+. Note: The 6 inch wheel is recommended for rolling out on the wall because it provides the most stability.

2. Align the wheel with your spine and place it in the center of your back or lower on your back, depending on where you are experiencing back pain.

3. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and firmly planted on the ground. We recommend standing about a foot away from the wall so that when you bend your knees to roll, your knees can stay over your ankles. (To avoid extra knee pain, try and keep your knees directly above your ankles, without letting your knees go in front of your ankles).

4. Lean back against the wall on the wheel. We recommend wearing shoes for traction or going barefoot, just leave the socks in the drawer.

5. Slowly bend your knees until the wheel reaches the top of your back. If you feel a tender spot or muscle knot, hold the wheel there for 20 to 30 seconds to release your muscle tension.

6. Straighten your legs to complete the roll-out session.

What do you do with your hands while your roll?

Feeling awkward? It’s okay. Just put your hands wherever you feel comfortable. Try resting them on your thighs, behind your head (for more pressure on your back), or at your hips. There’s really no wrong answer. Just do what feels right for you and your back.

Does knee pain make it difficult to roll out on the wall?

First of all, we’re very sorry that you suffer from back pain and knee pain, our condolences. It  sounds like you grabbed the short end of the stick in life. But we’re happy that we can help you with your back pain at least. If knee pain is stopping you from rolling against the wall, try sitting on the ground or a bed. Place the wheel at the base of your spine and simply lean back over the wheel. This simple act can help relieve tension and correct poor posture. You can also try placing a bench against the wall and leaning back against the wheel on the wall.