How to Prepare Your Back for Shopping This Black Friday

How to Prepare Your Back for Shopping This Black Friday

In-store Shopping

Despite social distancing, let’s face it, some of us are still going to go to the store to shop. Some stores will still be open. If you like going into the store to shop, you’re probably glad stores are still open! The only downside is that back pain often accompanies shopping trips like these. So here are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for shopping to avoid back pain.

Maintain good posture. Keep good posture as you go from store to store. Correct posture will help keep the natural curvature of your spine, which helps prevent back pain. If you bend down to see something on a low shelf, bend at your knees instead of at your hips.

Wear comfortable walking shoes. Comfy walking shoes can make all the difference when it comes to back pain. Foot pain often aggravates back pain, so you’ll want to wear shoes with a lot of padding and good arches.

Use a cart. Instead of carrying all your items around the store, use a cart so you don’t strain your back muscles. You can also put your purse (if you have one) in the front basket of the cart so your shoulder muscles don’t hurt all day. Or if you have kids, utilize stroller space for shopping bags from previous purchases. There are some really great things about having kids after all.

Drop merchandise off at home or in your car. When you drive to a new store, leave your purchases in the car or drop them off at home if it’s close. This will make it so you don’t put extra strain on your back from carrying heavy bags around all day. Just make sure you lock your car.

Take breaks. You should take a break every hour to sit down and rest your muscles so you don’t overwork yourself. You can even consider taking your Chirp Wheel with you and rolling out in between shopping to loosen up your muscles.

Online Shopping

Here are some quick tips for online shopping to avoid back pain.

Use the Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel+. Instead of running around the store this year, you might be staying at home to social distance. If you do stay home, don’t let that stop you from shopping! Use the Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel+ as a posture corrector. Place it in the small of your back as you shop in your chair to maintain good posture and reduce back pain.

Keep your shop station ergonomically correct. Make sure your laptop is at a high table so you don’t have to look down at your computer to shop. Sit in a chair that allows your knees to be just below your hips with your feet still touching the ground. Doing these things will help you avoid back pain as you shop.

Take frequent breaks. Taking breaks to get up and move, roll on your Chirp Wheels, or go for a walk will help you avoid tension in your back. Get up at least once every hour to avoid those stiff muscles you hate so much.

Check out sales for back pain relief. Check out Chirp’s Black Friday sale so you can get even more back pain relief after spending hours shopping. 

Stay hydrated. Don’t forget to hydrate as you shop. Drinking water helps you and your back stay healthy. If you stay hydrated, your spinal discs give your vertebrae a nice cushion. Avoid drinks like alcohol, coffee, and soda because those don’t actually hydrate you even though they might quench your thirst and keep you awake to shop. If you need help staying awake to shop, try rolling on the wheels or exercising to get your blood flowing. Both of these things can help you stay awake.