How to Give the Perfect Gift—the Chirp Wheel

How to Give the Perfect Gift—the Chirp Wheel

Gift giving can say a lot to a person you love, especially if receiving gifts is one of their main love languages. (Note: If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, or take the quiz online to see what your love language is.) “It’s the thought that counts” is a saying for a reason. Gift giving doesn’t have to be about the amount of money you spend or the size of the object. When it comes to gifts, the best ones are what will be the most meaningful to the recipient. Even if receiving gifts isn’t number one on the recipient’s love language chart, you can still give a gift to be remembered forever . . . in a positive way. 

How to pick the perfect gift for your loved one 

Here are some tips Bonnie Wertheim of the New York Times suggests when going about picking a present and why the Chirp Wheel is the answer most of the time. 

What do they need? Does your recipient often complain of back pain, neck pain, hip pain or the like? Do they work at a desk, hunched over from day to day? Do they have an active physically demanding job? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, they need the Chirp Wheel+ for back pain relief

Have they mentioned something they want? When people talk about things they need or want, listen, because the perfect gift is within your reach. More times than not, a person will talk about what they need by complaining. Do you often hear these phrases from your loved one: “My back hurts.” “Will you massage my shoulders?” “Uhggg, when did I get so old? *said when bending over to pick something up*” Again, if you’ve heard any one of the above, the Chirp Wheel is the perfect gift for your loved ones. Plus, you won’t have to massage their shoulders anymore; just let the Chirp Wheel do the work for you. 

Be just the right amount of practical. If you know your friend is out of shampoo, that’s not the right gift to give. Sure, they need it, but they’re going to buy their own. They’d much rather have something from you that they might not have bought themselves but still need—also known as the Chirp Wheel

Is the gift you’re thinking of something you would want too? If you’re thinking of getting a book as the gift, that is great for someone who is an avid reader. I love getting a good book, but I love reading. And I still haven’t read all the books I’ve gotten as gifts. When most people get a book, they think, I wish you would’ve just given me the twenty bucks you spend on this. But what they say out loud is “Thanks, I really wanted to read this!” So think to yourself, do I want this?, and if you’re giving away the Chirp Wheel, the answer is a resounding yes. 

As Wertheim says, “Consider the non-gift gift.” I think everyone would agree that they don’t want clutter as a gift. That’s why the Chirp Wheel is once again the perfect gift: you’re giving the gift of back pain relief, which is something your gift recipient thought was previously unattainable. 

Now think to yourself, who might need a Chirp Wheel?


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