Healthy Halloween Treats and Other Healthy Holiday Habits

Healthy Halloween Treats and Other Healthy Holiday Habits

The holiday season usually makes us feel great, at least emotionally. There are songs we sing, we spend more time with family and friends, we get to throw parties and give gifts, jump in the fall leaves and soon the winter snow, enjoy hot chocolate, and about a million more things that add up to a great season. But sometimes the constant sweets and staying indoors a little more to stay out of the cold can cause us to feel sick and gain what is commonly referred to now as the holiday 10 or 15 . . . So starting the holiday season off right with Halloween, here are a few healthy Halloween treats and other healthy holiday habits so you can make the most of the season.

Pumpkin oranges, banana ghosts, and kiwi Frankensteins. There are a lot of cute Halloween characters you can make with fruit. To make pumpkin oranges, simply peel an orange and stick a small stem of cilantro in the middle to look like the stem of a pumpkin. For banana ghosts, cut a banana in half and pipe on a chocolate ghost face. For kiwi Frankensteins, peel the bottom half of the kiwi skin, stick a pretzel stick through the head and pipe on some chocolate eyes and stitches. Look up healthy Halloween snacks for more ideas on cute, healthy treats for your friends and family. Having a healthy snack idea ready to bring to a party can also be a great option so you know for sure there will be something there you can snack on without feeling sick. 

Get outside wherever you can. If the weather is nice enough, put on a coat and go for a walk in the brisk air. Staying active whenever you can will help you burn a few calories and leave you feeling rejuvenated. 

Roll on the Chirp Wheel. Using the Chirp Wheel for a little back pain relief after sleeping on a relative’s mattress or dancing all night at a party can help relieve tension in your back and leave you feeling great again. Some people who swear by the Chirp Wheel even say it gives them extra energy so they can get things done. Just take five minutes whenever you need it to roll out on the wheel and get some relief. 

Do at-home exercises. If it snows a lot where you’re from and you don’t want to slip on ice or it just isn’t a great place to go outside to exercise in the winter, try at-home exercises. You’re probably already used to these by now because of the pandemic, but if you aren’t, get a yoga mat and do full body exercises or yoga to help you get your blood flowing and calories burning. 

Schedule some you-time. It’s great to spend time with family and friends during this time of year, but sometimes it can be a little much and you just need a break. Schedule enough time (any amount of time that is right for you) to be by yourself and recharge. Get a massage, go for a walk, or read a book. That way you can be more attentive to your family and friends when the time comes. 

Eat a small meal before the party. Eating a balance of protein, veggies, a little fat, and a little starch will help hold your cravings at bay if you want to avoid sugar for the night. It will also keep your blood sugar stabilized, keeping it from crashing which is when sugar cravings increase. 

Remember that one bad day isn’t the end. If you eat a lot of sugar in one day, from either attending a party or on Halloween, that isn’t the end. However, constantly overindulging is what you should worry about. When it comes to Halloween candy, try eating it only on Halloween. If you and the family have leftovers, try scheduling one day a week when you eat some instead of overindulging on candy every day until it’s gone. Or, throwing the extra away or giving it away is always an option. The same goes for exercise or another habit you’d like to keep during the holidays, don’t let one bad day set you back. Jump right back in tomorrow. 


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