Guest Post: Sarah Case's Story

Do you want to know what the Chirp Wheel is like from someone who had chronic back pain? Read Sarah's story about going from chronic back pain to NO back pain! 

 upper back pain relief


I have been suffering from back pain for over 10 years now. Ten years ago I suffered from a horrible case of pneumonia. The pneumonia was so deep in my lungs that I threw out all the muscles in my back coughing.

After being laid up in bed for 2 months, the doctors started working with me on upper back pain relief and lower back pain relief. With the stretching exercise the doctors gave me I could work my lower back muscles, but I was still having pain in my upper back.

My doctor gave me specific upper back stretches to do. When I started doing the stretches I started feeling some upper back pain relief but not at the level I needed. The relief only lasted for so long and then the upper back pain was back.

Trying to find something to give me the upper back pain relief I needed was difficult. I tried everything. I got a new mattress with new memory foam. I spent more money on mattresses than I wanted to.

I also wake up some mornings not being able to even got out of bed for 10-15 mins due to the intense pain. Seeing how much pain I was in in the mornings, my boyfriend had started doing some research to help me with my upper back pain relief. He looked into all sorts of treatments: inversion tables, foam rollers, back braces and more. None of these worked!

I wasn't getting any upper back pain relief. Having lived with this back pain for so long, I started to just accept the fact that I as always going to have upper back pain.

Then the Chirp Wheel came along. I was scrolling through Facebook one sleepless night, due to my back pain, and an ad popped up in me feed for back pain relief.  I started looking into the Chirp Wheel, and the videos looked like it was exactly what I needed! 

upper back pain relief

I have now had the Chirp Wheel for almost 2 months, and it is has given me the upper back pain relief I needed.

The first day I got my wheel, I tried the simple back roll and stretch. I heard and felt lots of pops and cracks and it was almost instant relief. It was the upper back pain relief I had been waiting for! The wheel fit perfectly between my shoulder blades, and rolled out the tight muscles instantly and much more effectively than the standard foam roller.

The size of the wheel targeted the area I needed.  I now use the Chirp wheel every night before bed and since then I am no longer waking up in pain. I never thought something so simple would be the answer to upper back pain relief. The pressure provided by the Chirp wheel, and the deep stretch, does not compare to foam rollers. 

Another benefit with the Chirp wheel, besides finally giving me upper back pain relief, is it's easy to use. You can take it anywhere you go and use it. It is portable to fit in a bag, or throw on your arm and go! At my job I am on my feet all day. I take the wheel to work with me and use it on my lunch break to get a nice deep relaxing stretch before going back to work. I also use my Chirp wheel to stretch out my shoulders and hips. 

If you are suffering with upper back pain like I was, then you will be grateful you tried the Chirp Wheel