Gift Guide: What to Get Your Lover on Valentine’s Day for Back Pain Relief

By Savanna Stone

Gift Guide: What to Get Your Lover on Valentine’s Day for Back Pain Relief

You might be wondering, how is back pain relief romantic? Well, the gifts in this gift guide can be used for relaxation, which can help you out with whatever you plan on doing the night of Valentine’s. These gifts can even be great to give yourself to aid in relaxation and stress relief. Valentine’s Day should be relaxing and stress free. Chirp is here to help not only relieve your back pain, but also give you the Valentine’s Day you deserve. See how you can best use these products for a romantic, relaxing Valentine’s Day:

Chirp Wheel+ 3 Pack

The 3-wheel pack is in this guide because how can you have a romantic evening when you’re worried about back pain all night long? Roll out on the Chirp Wheel+ for 10 minutes each morning and night and feel your back pain start to melt away so you can focus on whatever it is you plan on doing Valentine's night.

Hot & Cold Neck Wrap

Heat up the night with the Hot & Cold Neck Wrap. Heat therapy brings pain relief, relaxation, and healing through increased blood flow. Really, it’s everything you need for Valentine’s Day. You can also use it to cool down after a long workout. Just stick it in the freezer for half an hour and place it on your neck or forehead to cool down.

Cold Therapy Eye Mask

The Cold Therapy Eye Mask can be used to reduce headaches if you have a big fight, to promote relaxation by removing distractions from your sight, or just cool down after a long day of Valentining. The Cold Therapy Eye Mask also aids in better sleep by relieving stress and helping your mind wind down.


Acupressure Massage Pillow & Mat Set

You can use the Acupressure Massage Pillow & Mat Set anywhere in your house. Place it on your bed for less pressure or on the ground for more pressure. The set applies acupressure, which stimulates nerves and releases “feel good” endorphins. It also increases blood flow to tight muscles, relieving tension, driving out waste from muscle fibers, and improving your quality of sleep.