Chirp Referral Program FAQs and Policies

Chirp Referral Program FAQs and Policies

What is the Chirp Referral Program?

The Chirp Referral Program is an easy way to earn some extra cash while helping your friends and family #FeelGoodDoMore. Just sign up for the Chirp Referral Program, and share your unique share link with your friends and family. 

How much will I earn? 

You can earn up to $25 (10% of their order) for each friend you refer to Chirp through your unique share link. 

How do I sign up for the Chirp Referral Program? 

You can sign up for the Chirp Referral Program at Upon sign up, you will be provided with your unique share link and access to our Chirp Portal to track your referrals and rewards. 

When will my reward be approved?

Rewards are approved and paid on the 20th of the month after the 60-day return policy has passed on the product purchased through your unique share link. 

How will I receive my reward? 

Rewards are paid via PayPal. To ensure you receive your reward, make sure to update your PayPal email in the Chirp Portal.

How do I update my PayPal payment information? 

  1. Log into the Chirp Portal
  2. Click on your email or name in the upper-right corner and select “Account”
  3. Add your PayPal email address and click “Save Changes”

Why was my reward denied?

The most typical reason for a denied commission is due to the products purchased from your link being returned within 60 days of their original purchase. But, a reward may be denied for any of the following: 

  1. The product purchased from your unique share link was returned within 60 days
  2. The commission was generated from a self referral
  3. The referral was made by putting your share link on a coupon website
  4. The referral was flagged as potential fraud and is being looked into

What if I refer someone before I join the program or without my unique share link? 

All rewarded referrals must be made through the unique share link provided to the referer. Any purchases made outside of the referrers unique share link, including retroactive referrals, will not be rewarded. 

How many friends can I refer? 

You can refer as many people to Chirp as you would like! We do not put a cap on the number of people you can refer.