Causes Of Lower Back Pain In Men

Causes Of Lower Back Pain In Men

Did you know that lower back pain is the most common type of pain reported by Americans? Did you know that lower back pain is the most common cause of job-related disability? Lower back pain affects millions of men each year.

The lower back supports the spine and your entire upper body, but cannot give support when there is pain. Nearly every movement and activity in a daily routine uses the muscles in your lower back. Think about it; bending over to pick something up, throwing a ball, heavy lifting at the gym, and the list goes on. Lower back pain in men can be severe or mild and restrict activities such as the ones listed above.

Have you ever bent down to pick something up, or tied your shoe and when you stand up you have to hold your lower back because it hurts? The lower back muscles are constantly working to keep our body functioning. Causes of lower back pain in men can vary depending on activities.

causes of lower back pain in men

Sitting at a desk

  • Sitting at a desk seems to be very common among the working world today. Men who have office jobs and sit at a desk have a higher chance of having lower back pain. Hunching over a computer screen will put more pressure on the lower back and put your spine out of alignment.

Heavy weight lifting

  • There are some women who do heavy weight lifting, but this cause of lower back pain is more prevalent in men. Some think they are using the correct technique, but it is easier to just lift the weights with your back and not your legs. Weight lifting, especially heavy weights, can put a lot of pressure and stress on the lower back. This also includes jobs that involve lifting heavy objects. This can cause lower back pain and also put you at a higher risk for injury.

Disease or illness

  • This can include; kidney stones, prostatitis, herniated or degenerative discs. These can all cause lower back pain in men. The pressure that is put on the lower back from inflammation in the organs can cause lower back pain in men. 


There are other common causes of lower back pain in women and men.

Poor posture

  • Hunched shoulders ruin the natural s-curve in your spine. When that natural s-curve is tweaked at the top of the spine it will put more pressure on the lower back. With all that pressure on the lower back it causes lower back pain in women and men.


  • Most people who are under any amount of stress have a hard time managing it. They sleep poorly, have a poor diet and get little to no exercise. Stress will tighten the muscles and can result in back pain

Degenerative or herniated discs

  • This condition where the discs either lose cushioning or they slip through a crack of the spine can cause a lot of pain. It is a common cause of lower back pain that will lead to pain down the leg. 

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