Can You Use the Chirp Wheel+ with a Herniated Disc? See What Our Customers Had to Say

By Savanna Stone

Do you have a herniated disc or multiple herniated discs and want to use the Chirp Wheel+? Read stories of how the Chirp Wheel+ helped our customers with their herniated discs. While Chirp cannot promise to cure herniated discs with the Chirp Wheel+, many customers have found relief from their herniated discs by using the Chirp Wheel+ (previously known as the Plexus Wheel+). Always ask your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen. 

Here’s what our customers had to say about using the Chirp Wheel+ for a herniated disc (in their own words):

The Chirp Wheel+ works to relieve pain from herniated discs!

The Chirp Wheel+ helps relieve chronic back pain from herniated discs.

The Chirp Wheel+ provided more relief than expected.

Using the Chirp Wheel+ helps the chiropractor do a better job.

All three sizes of wheels help as you recover from surgery.

The Chirp Wheel+ helped these customers make a quick recovery.