A Guide to Chirp’s 21-Day E-Course

A Guide to Chirp’s 21-Day E-Course

Have you ever wanted to get rid of your back pain in just 21 days? Well, here you go. This course was created just for you to help reduce your back pain and to help you create habits that can keep your back pain away longer. Here’s what’s included:

21 Days to Back Pain Relief E-Course

This lifetime access E-Course includes a calendar with a routine for each day and lessons that function according to the calendar. The course includes 5 lessons that teach where your back pain might be coming from, stretches and exercises to relieve your back pain, what foods to eat for a healthier back, and how to sleep for back pain. 


How does this program work?

  • The 21-day program has a calendar with a routine for each day. The course also includes 5 lessons with information that function according to the program.
  • The program can be adjusted to fit your needs by changing the stretches, exercises, and recipes that fit your lifestyle the best.
  • The program can be used multiple times with different variations to strengthen and prevent your back and to relieve back pain when needed.

What will you need?

  • Motivation to change your life and live back pain free!
  • A back
  • A Chirp Wheel+ is recommended but not required.

Neck Pain Relief Guide

This guide includes 6 sections about the anatomy of the neck, stretches and exercises to relieve neck pain, information on the best products for neck pain relief, and other bonus tips on how to keep neck pain at bay.


Chapters included:

  • Products That Can Help with Your Neck Pain
  • The Anatomy of Your Neck
  • Home Remedies for Neck Pain
  • 4 Easy Neck Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk to Make the Pain Go Away
  • 6 Ways to Strengthen Your Neck and Calm Pain
  • Why Do I Have Neck Pain If I Just Sit All Day?

Traveling with Back Pain Guide

In this guide, you will learn about the best ways to travel to avoid back pain, how to recover after a long day of touring and hiking, and how to travel with the Chirp Wheel+.


Chapters included:

  • Top Tips for Traveling with Back Pain
  • Bonus: How to Pack Your Chirp Wheel+ for Travel
  • How to Help Your Back Recover after a Long Day of Touring and Hiking

Back Pain Relief: The Tools Guide

Back Pain Relief: The Tools Guide includes information about the best products for back pain relief. All the products in the guide are great tools that can help you get rid of your back pain faster.


Chapters included:

  • The Chirp Wheel+
  • Trigger Point Hook
  • Hot & Cold Therapy Pack
  • Hot & Cold Massage Ball
  • Upper Back Posture Corrector
  • Lower Back Posture Corrector

Improve Your Posture Mini Guide

This guide teaches you why posture is important, what correct posture is, and tips on how to improve your posture. Following this guide is a simple path to back pain relief through posture correction.


Chapters included:

  • Can Your Poor Posture Cause Back Pain?
  • What Is Good Posture?
  • 10 Tips to Improve Your Posture
  • How to Roll Out on the Chirp Wheel+
  • How to Utilize the Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel+