8 Ways to Show Your Back You’re Grateful

8 Ways to Show Your Back You’re Grateful

It’s the holiday season. Some would say that it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Thanksgiving is a time for thanks when we acknowledge the things in our life that bring us joy and tell those we love that we appreciate them—something that should really be done a lot more often than once a year, but, hey, we’re human. At Chir, we think it should also be a time when we acknowledge the joy that comes from ourselves, more specifically, our bodies. Our bodies go through a lot, and we use them for everything, literally. Everything we do we have to use our bodies to do: type, surf, eat, drink, laugh, cry, sing, act, think. So it’s time to tell our bodies that we’re grateful for all that they put up with. Let’s start with our backs because . . . they’ve always got our backs. 

What can you do to tell your back you’re grateful?

1. Use the Chirp Wheel+. If you have back pain, the Chirp Wheel+ can do wonders. It’s designed to massage the muscles between your shoulder blades. The wheel has a spinal canal so that your back can get a 4-way stretch. It has provided over 1 million people with back pain relief. It really works.

2. Put your spine to sleep. Make sure you are sleeping on proper material and in proper positions so that your back can get the rest it needs. Find a mattress that is right for you. Everyone is different, but generally mattresses that allow your spine to stay straight as you sleep are best for you back. And it’s not just your mattress that’s important. Your pillows are important too. If you prefer to sleep on your side, make sure you have a firm enough pillow to support your neck, keeping your spine in correct alignment. If you prefer to sleep on your back (the best sleeping position for back pain), you might want a softer pillow so that your head isn’t lifted too far from the natural curvature of your spine. Sleeping on your stomach is not a good option if you have neck or back pain because it forces you to turn your head to one side or the other, putting your spine in an unnatural position for a long time.

3. Exercise your core. You might think that rest would be the best thing for a hurt back, but in a lot of cases, movement will help your back heal faster. The best exercises for your back are core exercises. Exercising your core muscles, meaning your abs and back muscles, will keep pressure off your lower back and will provide you with more strength to support your spine. Try core exercises that you love from yoga to sit-ups so that exercise isn't a real downer.

4. Practice good posture. We’ve all heard the saying that practice makes perfect. When you practice good posture, you can have good posture more often and your back can be happier. Use the Deep Tissue Chirp Wheel+ as a posture corrector when sitting in a chair. Just place the wheel in the small of your back and go to work!

5. Wear good shoes. Because we’re all different, there’s not one good pair of shoes for everyone, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when shoe shopping so that your back can thank you. (1) The material of the shoe should be flexible so that your feet can breathe and move. (2) Manufacturers take into account what sex the shoe is for because the weight of males and females is distributed differently. Buying shoes for your own sex can help relieve some back pain. (3) Your shoe’s arch should be the same shape as your own foot arch. If that is the case, your spine will stay aligned.

6. Try yoga. Just like exercising is good for your back, stretching is too. When your muscles are rigid, they are more inclined to tearing or other injuries. As you stretch, the tension in your muscles is released. Doing yoga is one of the best ways to stretch your muscles because it connects your mind to your body, which encourages your body to heal faster. It is important to stretch as often as you can to keep your muscle fibers lengthened and to prevent injury.

7. Maintain a healthy weight. While this is easier said than done, maintaining a healthy weight will keep your back safe. As you gain weight, your center of gravity changes and the extra pounds put more weight on your spine. Both of these issues can cause you back pain. Watch your weight so that you keep it within 5 to 10 pounds of your healthy weight. 

8. Try heat therapy and cold therapy. Heat therapy and cold therapy both have many benefits for back pain. Cold therapy reduces inflammation and swelling and numbs pain. Heat therapy loosens up your muscles, which reduces muscle tension, muscle spasms, and muscle cramping. Ask your doctor what you could do to help your back pain. 

Chances are, if you thank your back, your back will thank you back.


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