7 Tips for Gaming with Back Pain Whether You’re a Scrub or Streamer

7 Tips for Gaming with Back Pain Whether You’re a Scrub or Streamer

Battle royales, first person shooters (FPS), role-playing games (RPG), and horror games can all cause tension from excitement, frustration, or terror. Not only does the type of game you play cause muscle tension but the way you sit while you play does too. Here at Chirp, we want to help you be able to play whatever game you want without back pain. That way, even when the tension comes naturally after you run into someone using an aimbot or from when you twisted your back the wrong way after jumping up with joy because of a victory (gg btw), we are here with some tips. 


Note: For all you noobs out there, gg means good game. See the bottom of this post for a dictionary of gaming slang terms used throughout. 


Anyway, it doesn’t matter if you’re a scrub or a streamer, these tips will help you reduce your back pain so you can keep gaming:



1. Roll out with the Chirp Wheel. 

The Chirp Wheel is a back roller designed for back pain relief. Stretching with the wheel before and after you play can help reduce tension and correct poor posture, which will dramatically reduce your back pain. It’s so easy to use and makes your back feel amazing, even more amazing than being gifted a sub.


2. Maintain correct posture. 

This is easier said than done, especially when you’re so focused on the game and are trying to “git gud.” To make it easy to maintain correct posture while you play, use the Deep Tissue (6”) Chirp Wheel as a posture corrector as you play.


3. Take breaks. 

If you tend to be a Leeroy Jenkins and are too impatient to do things other than you should, stop it. Get some help. 

You’re most likely just going to fail and make your back pain worse. Take breaks by standing up and walking around at the very least or hop on the Chirp Wheel for a quick pop and stretch. 


4. Get a footrest. 


Sometimes a footrest can make all the difference. Lifting your feet up slightly can take some pressure off your lower back and instantly relieve your pain, allowing you to play through the night if you want. Getting a footrest is like upgrading your armor from leather to ebony.


5. Stay hydrated.


Drinking a lot of water can make a big difference when it comes to back pain. Drinking enough water keeps your spinal discs hydrated, providing your vertebrae with plenty of cushion. It’s like drinking a potion that gives you +3 stamina. 


6. Invest in a good gaming chair.


If you spend a lot of your time gaming (or if you’re a streamer), a good gaming chair can make all the difference for your gaming setup. If you have a nice office chair in the house, that can work too until you have the gold to buy the chair you really want.


7. Exercise. 


Imagine your body is your weapon, exercising is like getting a weapon buff, which is ironic because getting buff from exercise is where this term came from. If you can’t find the motivation to exercise, just remember that not exercising is like getting nerfed. If you want to have less back pain, even simple exercises like squats can help strengthen your back muscles so that maintaining correct posture while you play is even easier and will probably make you better at your game.



Gaming Slang Dictionary

Scrub: Worse than a noob because they just suck even if they aren’t new to the game

Gg: good game

Noob: new or inexperienced player

Gift a sub: to donate a subscription

Leeroy Jenkins: a player who is very impatient or tries to be a hero but usually fails

Git gud: Get good

Aimbot: technology used to cheat so your aim is perfect (illegal)

Buff: To make a weak weapon strong

Nerfed: To make a strong weapon weak