6 Ways to Handle Back Pain in a Food Coma

6 Ways to Handle Back Pain in a Food Coma

On Thanksgiving, we eat a lot—too much. Maybe it’s because we never learned to cook as well as our moms do and being with her reminds us of what we’re missing. Maybe we eat too much because it’s a holiday and it’s our excuse to take a break from our constant dieting. Or maybe it’s just because the Thanksgiving meal was created by the food gods; it’s just delicious. But we can’t eat all that food without the consequence of a food coma. This year, prepare for your food coma by taking these suggestions because if you have back pain, you don’t want to have to deal with more than one pain at a time. The best thing you can do to handle back pain in a food coma is to get rid of your food coma. Thankfully, some of the things that can help you get rid of a food coma can also help ease your back pain.

1. Don’t overindulge.

The best way to get rid of your food coma is to eat less in the first place. If you don’t overindulge, you will only have one problem to deal with: your back pain. And one problem is better than two problems. So consider taking small portions of each dish this Thanksgiving and avoid a food coma altogether. 

2. Drink water.

Before and after the big meal, drink water. Water can help improve digestion and can also flush out the extra sodium you just consumed. Not to mention, drinking water is good for your back too. It keeps blood flow to injured areas of your body and promotes healing. Drinking enough water can also keep the discs in your back at a healthy thickness. 

3. Go for a walk.

Going for a walk will help you escape your food coma and your back pain. Although, when you’re in a food coma, you don’t really desire to get up and move. But moving is just the thing that will help you digest faster, and if you have back pain, moving will also help relieve that as well.

4. Don’t drink alcohol.

I know it’s a holiday, and that’s usually the best excuse to drink. But consider skipping the drink if you have back pain and if you tend to overeat. Drinking will make you feel even more slow and can leave you dehydrated. It’s also bad for your back. Some studies show that back pain can worsen with alcohol consumption. Consider drinking water instead. If you're a recovering addict, for more information about insomnia during drug and alcohol recovery, check out our references below for more support!

5. Do some yoga.

Doing yoga, especially yoga twists, will help improve digestion. Try doing yoga before and after your meal for the best results. It might also help prevent the food coma from coming in the first place. And yoga will also help ease your back pain! Connecting the mind and body is very powerful, and stretching might be just the thing your back needs.

6. Dance it out.

Getting up and moving will shake off your food coma the fastest. It's always good to be the fun one in the family who gets up and dances. It’ll give you and your family a memory that lasts forever and maybe a new tradition. Moving around is good for blood flow to your back too. It releases tension and promotes healing. 


Try these other tips to get rid of your food coma. You never know what will work best for you.

  • Eat breakfast. 
  • Drink tea. 
  • Drink black coffee. 
  • Eat small meals. 
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. 
  • Avoid sugar.

Bonus tip:

Try using the Chirp Wheel+ to help get rid of your back pain and your food coma. Just like walking or moving around will help you, rolling out on the Chirp Wheel+ will help you get out of that food slump.







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